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MESA 2.0 Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer
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MESA 2.0 Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer, is a handheld RF receiver designed to detect a wide spectrum of RF signals, whether they are known/unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering. It is equipped with an extensive frequency range of up to 6 GHz, and can be extended to 12 GHz with the Down Converter antenna. 

The MESA 2.0 is a comprehensive solution for RF detection and analysis. Whether you are involved in intelligence protection, eavesdropping detection, RF research and development, wireless industry developers, communications site surveys, RF emissions analysis, or spectrum misuse investigation, MESA 2.0 covers a wide range of uses and is extremely useful for professionals in these fields.
The Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer is equipped with a wide range of features, both operational and physical, that enhance its performance and usability. Portable, handheld, and battery powered, MESA 2.0 is easily carried and used in different locations. The 7-inch user-friendly touchscreen display allows for quick and easy Menu navigation, clear view of detected signal information and analysis, and selection of different sweep modes. 

MESA 2.0 features several sweep modes: 
  • Spectrum Analysis - displays full range of detailed frequency data
  • I/Q Recording - records raw I/Q data for external analysis
  • SmartBars (Patented) - displays new or increased RF energy with non-linear bargraphs
  • WiFi - detects and locates WiFi devices (Access points, clients, RSSI, etc.)
  • Bluetooth - displays nearby Standard and LE Bluetooth pairing activity
  • Mobile Bands - displays RF energy for specific bands (ie. WiFi, GSM, etc.), includes new Jammer/Intereference detection
MESA's portability and functionality is further enhanced with a wide array of fixed, bracket-mounted, and handheld antennas/probes. Each placed antenna/probe is automatically recognized by MESA 2.0 thanks to the Auto Antenna Recognition system. As soon as the chosen antenna/probe is attached to the device, MESA 2.0 identifies them on screen and displays the corresponding frequency span, making all antenna changes quick and eliminating the need for any manual adjustments.

This flexibility in operation makes the MESA 2.0 a practical solution for field operations, allowing you to adapt to different environments and situations.
MESA 2.0 is equipped with a range of features that enhance its functionality. Numerous display features such as Persistence, Raster Waterfall, Spectral Power Histogram (RSSI), Live/Peak/Average Trace, Cached Peak (patent pending), and more, all provide detailed insights into the RF environment, enabling thourough analysis and accurate detection of RF signals.
When the strength of a detected signal crosses a previously defined threshold, the device can alert you with audio, visual or haptic notifications, ensuring timely detection and response to potential threats or anomalies in the area.
The supplied Multi-Carrier Probe allows the MESA 2.0 to detect and analyze multiple RF carriers simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful in busy RF environments where multiple signals are present, so you are able to identify and analyze each signal individually.
The spectrum analyzer comes with a built-in speaker and an external headphone port with adjustable volume control, for listening to demodulated audio directly from the device. It also has two USB 2.0 Type-A ports that can be used for software upgrades, file storage, and file transfer. Additionally, the device comes with an Ethernet port for VNC remote access, allowing you to control the device remotely.

With many more useful features and functionalities, combined with its user-friendly design, MESA 2.0 makes for a versatile and invaluable tool in the world of RF detection and analysis.

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MESA 2.0 Basic vs. MESA 2.0 Deluxe:

The MESA 2.0 comes in two versions: Basic and Deluxe. Both versions have the same functionalities of the MESA 2.0 system, however the Deluxe version includes additional accessories that enhance its capabilities.
MESA 2.0 Basic:
The Basic version of the MESA 2.0 is designed for users who need a straightforward, easy-to-use system. It provides the essential tools for effective RF detection and analysis, including Fixed Dipole, Whip, VLF Loop and MCP MESA Carrier Probe, and 2 batteries.
MESA 2.0 Deluxe:
The Deluxe version of the MESA 2.0 includes all the features of the Basic version, plus additional accessories. The Deluxe version is designed for users who need a more comprehensive solution for RF detection and analysis.
It includes: Fixed Dipole, Whip, 12 GHz Down Converter, Flag Directional, VLF Loop, Locator, MCP, Visible Light/IR, Ultrasonic, Audio Transformer, Acoustic Leakage, GPS Dongle, 2 batteries and external battery charger.

MESA 2.0 Main Features:

  • Frequency range up to 6GHz, extendable to 12GHz with the Down Converter Antenna
  • Detects both known and unknown RF transmissions - eg. WiFi, Bluetooth, cell phones, eavesdropping devices, jammers, etc.
  • Multiple sweep modes: Spectrum Analyzer, I/Q Recording, SmartBars, Mobile Bands, WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • Auto antenna recognition for quick and easy antenna/probe changes
  • Various functions for detailed detection of RF signals - Waterfall display, Persistance, Signal List Generation, Screen Capture, Attentuation, and many more
  • 7-inch touchscreen display for easy navigation and quick access to different modes
  • Audio, visual and tactile alert notifications
  • Portable, handheld, and battery-powered
  • Built-in speaker and external headphones with adjustable volume control for audio demodulation in AM/FM
  • Ethernet port for VNC remote access

MESA 2.0 Specifications:

Sweep Speed: >200 GHz/second
Operating Freq. Range: 10 kHz - 6 GHz /*12 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth Variable depending on span: 0.0380 kHz to 312.5 kHz
Instantaneous Bandwidth: 25 MHz
DANL - Noise Floor:  312.5 kHz RBW with Pre-amp: -90 dBm, 9.765 kHz RBW with Pre-amp: -110dBm
Attenuation: 0 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, Auto
Preamp:  +15 dB
Detection Types:  RF, Carrier Current, Acoustic Leakage, IR/Visible Light, Ultrasonic
Spurious Free Dynamic Range:  81.6 dB
Receiver Type:  Swept-tuned Superheterodyne
Audio Demodulation AM/FM demodulation with filter options: Auto, 200 kHz, 20 kHz, 5 kHz
Input Port:  QMA connector (RF input) for included and auxiliary RF antennas

Supply AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz; single rechargeable Li-ion battery (includes 1 spare)
Run Time:  ~3 hours (typical) per battery
Charge time:  ~3 hours per battery (typical)

Unit Dimensions:  5 x 8 x 2 in /13 x 20 x 5 cm
Unit Weight: 2.4lbs/1.1kg including battery
Case Dimensions: 6 x 15 x 18.5in / 16 x 38 x 47cm
Case/Contents Weight: 15lbs. / 6.8kg

Operating temperature:  -10° to 53° C
Battery charging temperature:  5° to 37° C
Storage temperature:  -20° to 60° C

MESA 2.0 Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer Feature Focus: 

Multiple Sweep Modes

MESA 2.0 features several sweep modes, including Spectrum Analyzer, I/Q Recording, SmartBars, Mobile Bands, WiFi, and Bluetooth, with each of these modes serving a specific purpose. 
  1. Spectrum Analyzer mode provides a visual representation of the frequency spectrum, along with detailed data, allowing you to identify and analyze RF signals in the 10 kHz to 6 GHz range (12 GHz with Downconverter antenna). It includes data such as start/stop frequencies, span, resolution bandwith, and dB. It also shows live, peak, Cached Peak, and average trace, has an adjustable alarm threshold with audio, visual and haptic warnings, Raster Waterfall and Persistence display, and more. 
  2. I/Q Recording mode captures raw I/Q data for external analysis, providing a deeper understanding of signal characteristics. 
  3. SmartBars is a REI patented mode which displays new or increased RF energy in a bar graph, making it easier to spot changes in the RF environment. 
  4. Mobile Bands mode displays RF energy for multiple specific bands such as WiFi and GSM on one screen. It offer user customizable spans and a Jammer/Interference Detection feature. 
  5. WiFi mode locates nearby Wi-Fi devices and displays information such as access points, clients, RSSI, etc.
  6. Bluetooth mode detects nearby Standard and LE Bluetooth pairings, including data such as MAC address, name, dBm, RSSI.

Auto Antenna Recognition System

Both MESA 2.0 Basic and Deluxe systems come with an array of antennas and probes. Each antenna/probe serves an individual purpose and covers specific frequency ranges to help locate even the most challenging signals and targets. Thanks to the built-in auto recognition system, the MESA 2.0 automatically detects all REI antennas/probes when they are connected to the device and adjusts accordingly the frequency span on display. This saves you time on manual adjustments, making the process of changing antennas quick and effortless.

Remote Access

The MESA 2.0 comes with an Ethernet port for VNC remote access. This allows you to control the device remotely, whether you're in the office or in the field. The remote access feature ensures that you can always have control over the device, boosting its usability and convenience.

Audio demodulation in AM/FM

The MESA 2.0 is equipped with a built-in speaker and an external headphone port with adjustable volume control. This allows you to listen to demodulated signals directly from the device. Whether you're trying to identify a specific signal or just monitoring the RF environment, the ability to listen to demodulated signals can provide valuable insights.

GPS Function

MESA 2.0 Deluxe system comes with a GPS USB, which is used for obtaining GPS coordinates for the detected signals from the signal list. This feature is particularly useful for field operations, as it allows you to accurately record the location of each signal and can provide valuable insights for the sweep. 

Easy use and portability

The handheld, battery-powered spectrum analyzer, is easily carried and can be used in various locations. It's practical for any kind of field operations, whether you are conducting a security sweep, site survey, RF research, or in educational purposes. MESA 2.0 also has a 7-inch touchscreen display with brightness and zoom controls, providing easy handling, simple Menu navigation, and quick move-around different sweep modes when needed. It is equipped with two USB 2.0 Type-A ports which can be used for software upgrades, file storage, and file transfer, allowing you to easily update device's software, store important data, or transfer files.

How to use the MESA 2.0 Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer:



For more detailed specifications, please carefully study the PDFs available for download below.

24 Months Warranty
MESA 2.0 User Manual
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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