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ODA-4 omnidirectional antenna compatible with iProtect 1216
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ODA-4 omnidirectional antenna for RF detectors, spectrum analyzers, and receivers.

The ODA-4 antenna is a great addition to any RF device, including RF detectors, spectrum analyzers, receivers, etc. The usually supplied antennas receive higher frequencies very well, however, they might be weak at lower bands.

This antenna will improve the detecting and sensitivity range of the entire range of 80-4000 MHz, however, the most significant increase in performance will be within 80-700 MHz.
This range is of importance when detecting or receiving the following signals:
VHF, UHF, and ISM 315 & 433 MHz bands. 

Compared to the standard rod antenna of Protect 1207i or iProtect 1216, the ODA-4 gives an average gain of +5...+10 dB in the frequency range 100 MHz - 3000 MHz. 
The device is meant for indoor use only, and pairs perfectly with iProtect 1216, particularly on the Band 1 (<700 MHz).
It is also compatible with the 1203 and 1206i.
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ODA-4 Specifications:

Frequency range 80-4000 MHz
Tripod mountable (tripod supplied)
The tripod can convert to a hand-held unit for manual probing (locating procedure)
Connector type: BNC
80 cm cable
Dimensions (without tripod) 20 x 3.5 x 0.6 cm
Mode of use: receive
Indoor use only
Warranty 24 Months
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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