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LawMate PV-1000Touch5U DVR
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The PV-1000Touch5U DVR comes with integrated 500 GB memory, has a 5 inch LCD screen, and supports analog as well as digital cameras.

This product is end of line and no longer available. If you are looking for a product with the same or similar specifications, please see related products at the end of the page or contact us directly at [email protected]

As a replacement, we would recommend the NEW PV-1000EVO3 5 Inch Full HD Wi-Fi / IP DVR with 1 TB HDD that will be available soon!

It will be available as a KIT as well.

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This DVR now comes with a 500GB SATA HDD and USB cable connection while other features of the PV-1000 Touch5 have remained the same.


The previous generation LawMate PV-1000 models introduced a featured processor that offered HD quality recording, adjustable FPS, for the first time integrated HDD in mini DVR, and various other advanced features.  

The new PV-1000 with integrated 500GB SATA HDD is capable of providing easily over 10 days of uninterrupted recording material right on the compact-sized DVR.  There is also a 5" screen that enables comfortable review of recorded video as well as easy-to-use touch screen commands.


PV-1000 Touch5U supports 3.3V digital cameras with USB in port as well as the standard Lawmate 5V and 12V camera in option. The USB Cable solution provides a faster connection with the camera, which includes less camera latency and visibly faster low light adjustment. It will successfully power any compatible analog camera like the new BU-19 as well as the CMD-BU20U digital camera model.


We also offer reserve batteries for the DVR, however, if you purchase a reserve battery we will have to ship with standard shipping (not express) due to new 2017 battery regulations. 

Main features:

  • NEW!!  Integrated 500 GB SATA HDD
  • 5" 800 X 480 touch screen
  • Recording resolution of up to 1080p
  • 5V and 12V powered camera support
  • Integrated 4400ma BA-4400slim battery
  • Compatible with Lawmate CMD-BU13LXU camera
  • Multiple resolutions and adjustable FPS
  • Multiple recording modes
  • Multiple levels of password protection
  • Integrated microphone

Basic specifications:

Resolution Mode: 7 recording modes from 320 * 240 to 1920 * 1080 @ 1fps – 30fps for each resolution mode
Display: 5 " TFT LCD
Memory Type: Built-in 2.5" 500 GB SATA HDD + SD Card (up to 32GB SDHC)
Battery Lifetime: 120 minutes (with DC 12V camera) and 180 Minutes for DC 5V sensor
Dimension: 142 * 88 * 30 mm
Weight: 317 g (w/o Battery)

Full specifications:

Display: 5" TFT RGB 800X480 Colour TFT LCD
Video Input:  NTSC/PAL  Auto-Detection
Recording modes:  Standard / Motion Detection / Schedule / Pre-Event / Pre- Motion mode
Resolution modes: 320x240/640x480/720x480/1024x768/1280x720 /1280x960/1920x1080
Max Resolution: Above 720P (1280x960) & 1080P (1920x1080)
Memory Type: Built-in 2.5”500GB SATA HDD & SD Card (up to 32GB SDHC)
Frame Rate: 1,5,15,25,30 fps Adjustable
DC5V to Camera: DC5V 320 mA Max
DC12V to Camera: DC12V 180mA Max (through optional remote switch)
PC Interface USB 2.0
Image Quality (Bit rate): At resolution of 720x576@25 FPS (PAL) or 720x480@30 FPS (NTSC) - High (5Mbps) / Medium (3.3Mbps) /Low (2.5Mbps) Adjustable
Date/Time Table: YYYY/MM/DD, HH,MM,SS
Frame Counter Stamp: Yes
Picture format: Baseline JPEG
Power Consumption: 5V / 2.5A
Battery Type: DC 3.7V / 4400mA Lithium battery
Battery Lifetime: (A) 2.5 mm Analogue DC 5V Sensor – 180 min
                         (B)Mini HDMI Analogue DC 12V Sensor – 120 mins
Dimensions: 142 X 88 X 30(mm) 
Weight: 317g

PV-1000Touch5U Feature focus:


Integrated 500 GB SATA HDD

PV-1000 Touch comes with an improved capacity SATA HDD disk. 500 GB HDD will store over 130 hrs of HD quality recording or over 300 hrs of 30 FPS VGA recording on the DVR.
With as much recording time available, PV-1000 Touch5U is more than ever able to achieve tasks that no other DVR of similar size can while still remains small to fir and hide where large size DVRs are not able to.

5" LCD touch screen

While the first models of mini DVRs usually did not feature screen but the recorded video was observed on a separate monitor or a nearby PC, and later models featured fairly small screens, PV-1000 Touch finally provides a decently large integrated LCD screen.
Besides providing comfortable touch screen control on a 5" touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 it is also big enough for a user to notice all the necessary details in 1080p video which is even easier to do with the also available on-screen zoom function.

High level of security

Lawmate mini DVR PV-1000Touch5U like the previous generation model allows setting up USB access and power-on passwords and unlike many other mini DVR devices that use only SD cards for memory storage, it will make unauthorized access to your recordings much harder to achieve. 
If a user does not have password access to the device, it is necessary to physically dismantle the DVR and use forensic hardware to gain access to the recorded video and audio evidence on the HDD. Such action would surely leave visual marks on the DVR and could not be done covertly.
Take into account the reset button does not reset the passwords.
Level of integrity for video/audio recording is also preserved with an option to attach to the video recording the following:
  • Frame counter
  • Time and date
  • Device ID 
  • Unique ID of the person using the device
Thus making the recorded video very difficult to temper with.

Multiple recording modes including innovative Pre-event and Pre-motion recording modes

Basic modes that PV-1000 provides are on-click recording through preview mode, time scheduled recording set-up in advance, and motion detect recording (with the help of a visual grid if needed).
The innovation that Lawmate has brought to improve existing recording modes are Pre-event and Pre-motion recording modes that will keep up to a 15-30 seconds buffer of your recordings at all times before the recording is started.
What is the purpose of that?
In Pre-event mode, although the event that you wanted to record might have already passed the recording function can be manually triggered afterward and the video buffer of the event that happened 15-30 seconds ago will be saved. When things happen fast and reaction needs to be in an instant that is where a Pre-event mode can become really useful.
Pre-motion mode works in a similar way and will record events that preceded motion detect trigger. It will allow the DVR to make sure motion detect always records whatever happens in the scenery regardless if lower light conditions might delay motion detect trigger from starting recording in an instant.

Easy to use

On-screen virtual buttons allow quick and easy sliding through many menus of the device firmware, allowing the user to make quick adjustments to recording modes and other device settings. 
Besides virtual, several physical buttons are also available to smoothen up the user experience. There is a switch to lock the device to prevent accidental touch screen interruptions, power on / power off, and start/stop recording switches.
IR controller comes with the device and will allow you to control it without maintaining visual contact with the device. 
The optional wired remote controller is also available and is ordered separately.

5V and 12V analog and 3.3V digital camera support 

Lawmate PV-1000 Touch supports and powers a wide variety of cameras. On the recorder, there are available 5V 2.5-inch analog and USB digital jack while on the optional remote controller there is a 12V 3.5-inch analog jack entry. 
Most spy cameras on the market are 5V and 12V analog cameras and will be powered by the PV-1000 Touch. 
Most other cameras will work with the PV-1000 Touch but will not be powered. Exceptions are digital cameras from other producers due to the current lack of a digital video camera standard across the brands.


Please find the detailed specifications and more information about the setup of the DVR in the PDF files below. 
>>PV-1000Touch5U Newest Firmware<<
24 months warranty
>>PV-1000 Touch5U Quick guide (PDF)<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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