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Digiscan Labs
iProtect 1205 Portable Bug Detector
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Digiscan Labs iProtect 1205 Portable Bug Detector is a 3rd generation anti-theft alarm detector with a pen-like appearance.

It is a multi-purpose professional tool designed to work well in hidden situations. This bug detector stands out for its design and functionality, and its simple pen design allows us to conveniently keep it in our pockets.
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iProtect 1205 Main Features:

  • New case with a larger battery and longer battery life
  • More segments on the bar graph (16) and a wider dynamic range
  • Vibration indicator
  • Sound mode

  • iProtect 1205 full Specifications:

    Easy and fast detection of RF bugs of various types, including VHF / UHF transmitters, GSM bugs, wireless video cameras, Wi-Fi audio, and video transmitters, vehicle transmitters, body transmitters, etc.
    3 modes: normal, vibrating, and audible
    Wide frequency range: 50-6000 MHz
    It only supplies 1 * AA battery, comes with 2 * AA batteries
    16-segment bar graph indicator
    The physical silencer provides the ability to locate strong RF sources
    Very sensitive to real signals without being affected by weak background radio waves
    There is no loss of sensitivity when discharging the battery
    Low power indication
    High-quality detection scheme with professional RF isolation
    Reliable and tested device for different sweeping tasks
    Detects both analog and digital transmissions
    Allows the operator to locate the source
    Vibrating signal for concealed indication of high RF level and testing hard to access places
    Durable duralumin case
    Battery life 10-20 hours

    iProtect 1205 Product Specification:

    Frequency range: 50MHz - 6GHz
    Controls:    Power button
                     Mode button
                     ATT button
    Indicators: 1) 16-segment bargraph
                       2) Vibration
                       3) Battery state (3 colors)
                       4) Working mode
                       5) ATT state
    Battery duration: 10-20 hours
    Dimensions: 172 x 19 mm
    Frequency range: 100 mA in standby mode
                                   200 mA at a full bar graph
    Power source: 1 x AA battery (LR06)

    iProtect 1205 Illustration (Name and controls from User Manual)

    iProtect 1205 Bug Detector can help in searching for the following RF devices:

  • Common VHF/UHF transmitters
  • Video transmitters
  • Digital transmitters with the continuous carrier, storage compressing, and short-time transmissions
  • Spread-spectrum transmitters and frequently changing frequency transmitters
  • GSM and digital enhanced cordless telecommunications transmitters (DECT)
  • Vehicle tracking devices

  • How to use the iProtect 1205 Portable Bug Detector?

  • Push the Power On button to turn on the device
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the device
  • Start your sweep



    For more information on the setup of the device and the sweeping process, please consult the PDF files available for download below.

    24 Months Warranty
    >>> Quick Manual iProtect 1205 <<<
    >>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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