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iProtect 1215 Microwave Pointer
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iProtect 1215 has a frequency range from 4-13 GHz - in comparison - the typical RF detectors are capable of discovering signals up to 4-6 GHz, usually leaving higher frequencies unnoticed during sweeping procedures.

This Microwave pointer was specially designed to extend the checked frequency range during sweeping procedures up to 13 GHz. It is able to detect surveillance-bugging devices that standard RF detectors can not. The directed antenna allows the user to understand where the signal is coming from and to locate the source physically.
A number of wireless devices can be active on the 5.8 GHz ISM band without being detected by standard RF detectors, so special attention should be paid to it during the sweep.
The iProtect 1215 has a 16-segment bar graph indicator which allows the user to find the area with the strongest signal for location. If necessary to decrease the sensitivity during the location process, you can use the attenuator function; ATT. The device has a physical Rf attenuator level of up to -20dB (professional communications).
It has three modes of operation: vibration, audio, and normal which can be selected by the MODE button. The vibration mode is very useful in situations where you can not see LED indicators, for example. under the furniture, in hard-to-access places, between gasps, etc. 
The detecting distance depends on the power and frequency of the transmitter, so it may vary from 20 cm to 2-3 meters. 

iProtect 1215 Illustration from Quick Manual

Typical signals detected by iProtect 1215 are:

  • Wireless microphones working on 5 GHz frequency band
  • Wireless video cameras 5GHz
  • Covert 5GHz Wi-Fi access point
  • Covert 5GHz Wi-Fi client device
  • Other surveillance (bugging devices) employing frequencies between 4-13 GHz


Detects bugging devices omitted by standard RF detectors:

  • Discovers microwave signals in the range of 4-13 GHz
  • Detects signals no matter the type; audio or video; digital or analog
  • Built-in directed antenna
  • 3 working modes: Normal, Vibrating, and Audio
  • 16-segment indicator for easy and precise pinpointing of the bugging device
  • Sensitivity controlled by the attenuator
  • Antenna's directivity (out-of-direction attenuation) -6 dBm
  • Portable and durable duralumin body
  • Powered by just 1 AA (LR06) battery ( 2 batteries in accessories) 
  • Low power indication
  • Battery resource 12-25 hours

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iProtect 1215 Specification:

Frequency range: 4000 – 13000 MHz (4-13 GHz)
  • 16-segment bar graph
  • Vibration
  • Battery state (3 colors)
  • Working mode
  • ATT state
Battery resource 12 – 25 hours
Dimensions 172 * 19 mm
Current consumption:
Normal: 80 mA
Vibrating: 180 mA
Audio: 130 mA
Power source 1 x AA battery (LR06) 

iProtect 1215 Microwave Pointer FAQs

Can the iProtect 1215 detect signals in the 5.8 GHz ISM band?

Yes, the iProtect 1215 can detect active wireless devices in the 5.8 GHz ISM band, which standard RF detectors might not detect. Special attention should be paid to this band during sweeps, as it’s a common frequency for covert devices. This capability ensures that even devices operating on this specific band are detected.

How can the sensitivity of the iProtect 1215 be adjusted?

The sensitivity of the iProtect 1215 can be adjusted using the attenuator function, ATT, which has a physical RF attenuator level of up to -20dB. This is useful for decreasing sensitivity during the location process to avoid being overwhelmed by strong signals. Adjusting sensitivity helps in fine-tuning the search for surveillance devices.

How does the iProtect 1215 help in locating the source of a signal?

The iProtect 1215 uses a directed antenna to help users understand where a signal is coming from, enabling the physical location of the source. This feature is crucial for effectively pinpointing surveillance devices during a sweep. The directed antenna focuses on the signal’s direction, making it easier to find hidden devices.

How is the iProtect 1215 powered?

The iProtect 1215 is powered by just 1 AA (LR06) battery, with 2 batteries included in the accessories. This makes it a portable and easy-to-use device for conducting sweeps anywhere. The battery life ranges from 12-25 hours, depending on usage, ensuring it can last through extended sweeping sessions.

What are the three modes of operation available on the iProtect 1215?

The iProtect 1215 has three modes of operation: vibration, audio, and normal, selectable by the MODE button. These modes offer flexibility in how alerts are received, making the device adaptable to various conditions and user preferences. Each mode is designed to assist in different scenarios, enhancing the device’s overall effectiveness.

What frequency range does the iProtect 1215 cover?

The iProtect 1215 covers a frequency range from 4-13 GHz. This is significantly broader than typical RF detectors, which usually cover up to 4-6 GHz, allowing it to detect higher frequency surveillance devices that others might miss. Its ability to detect such a wide range of frequencies makes it ideal for comprehensive security sweeps.

What is the purpose of the 16-segment bar graph indicator on the iProtect 1215?

The 16-segment bar graph indicator on the iProtect 1215 helps users find the area with the strongest signal for easier location of the bugging device. It allows for more precise pinpointing by showing signal strength variations. This feature is particularly useful in narrowing down the exact location of hidden devices.

What makes the iProtect 1215 different from standard RF detectors?

The iProtect 1215 differs from standard RF detectors by its ability to discover microwave signals in the range of 4-13 GHz, including those omitted by standard detectors. Its built-in directed antenna and sensitivity control via an attenuator add to its effectiveness. These features allow it to detect a broader range of devices with greater precision.

What types of signals can the iProtect 1215 detect?
The iProtect 1215 can detect a variety of signals including wireless microphones, wireless video cameras, covert Wi-Fi access points and client devices, and other surveillance devices operating between 4-13 GHz. It is capable of detecting both audio and video signals, whether they are digital or analog. This wide range of detectable signals makes it a versatile tool for security sweeps.


For further details regarding the setting up and specifications of the iProtect 1215, please read the PDF files available for download below.
Also, please read the instructions on preparations before performing the sweep. 
24 Months Warranty. 
>>iProtect 1215 User Manual PDF<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<

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