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BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus
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BTech Spyphone Solutions 4G S9 Samsung Galaxy - a real Smartphone with camera integration for professional use.

Now you can have a Samsung S9 Plus, use it as a regular phone, and work covertly when needed. The phone is an original smartphone, so you can use it with all the functionalities, features, and benefits of a real phone. The covert App on the phone comes pre-installed and ready to use. It is hidden in a very popular application, that does not raise any suspicion. We have avoided showing the App, to keep it as covert as possible. 

You can even use the phone while the App is covertly recording in the background. The App will also continue to record in the background if the phone's screen lock is on, and it is just laying around on the table. If you need to stand up or get going, the lens position makes it possible to continue recording, and get the footage you need. 
The 4G live feed feature makes it possible for you to share your work and feed while it is happening, in real time. This has multiple benefits when it comes to law-enforcement professionals and tracking their agents on the field. Moreover, the GPS location of the phone can be pinpointed, and up to 50 phones can be handled in the Desktop App.
The connection is protected by VPN encryption and it also allows for full-duplex audio communication.

BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Main Features:

  • Covert App for professional grade operations
  • Allows background recording while Apps are running
  • Special Smart Eye Desktop App for Live monitoring of the Smartphone Feed
  • 3 years of streaming features included in the price!
  • Date/Timestamp available
  • GPS stamp available
  • VPN secured
  • Answer or place phone calls while the hidden App is recording
  • Full Google Play support, you can use it as usual with Android phones
  • Set the camera angle to 0 / 90 / 180 and 360 degrees

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications:

Main Camera: Dual 12 MP, f/1.5-2.4, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55", 1.4µm, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS, 
                     12 MP, f/2.4, 52mm (telephoto), 1/3.6", 1.0µm, AF, OIS, 2x optical zoom
Features: LED flash, auto-HDR, panorama
Video: 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@960fps, HDR, stereo sound rec., gyro-EIS & OIS (30fps)
Type: Super AMOLED, HDR10
Size: 6.2 inches / 98.3 cm2 
Resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio
Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Audio: 32-bit/384kHz audio
Loudspeaker: with stereo speakers
Jack: 3.5mm 
Dimensions: 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm (6.22 x 2.91 x 0.33 in)
Weight: 189 g (6.67 oz)
Front: Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame
SIM card: Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Hybrid Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
Dust and Water resistance: IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)
Battery: Li-Ion 3500 mAh, non-removable (13.48 Wh)
Charging: Fast charging 15W / Quick Charge 2.0

4G App / Server Information: 

  • Model without 4G works as a normal cellphone with all the regular data exchange with Google servers. Does not send information to other locations.
  • The 4G solution sends information to Taiwan only once; the sole communication to the server is the very first peak of registered license data check in each login.
  • The Google Cloud service is on USA soil, where the main server of this Taiwanese company for the 4G system is set.
  • There is a double password setting designed for the system while sending the covert video/s, which can avoid the system's unauthorized security breach.

Covert Spy Phone S9 4G Feature Focus:

BTech Covert 4G Spyphone in Original Samsung S9 Galaxy

Original Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone, with camera integration, and 4G streaming option included. This is an original Samsung phone, with all the S9 full specifications, accessories, and capabilities. It can be used every day as well as a covert spy phone when needed. The front camera is moved to the custom-made drill for the camera lens to fit in. It is high-quality craftsmanship that allows for the perfect lens position. 

4G Covert App runs in the background while you are using your phone

Feel free to use this smartphone when you need it, no matter if the covert App is running in the background. Take calls, place calls, or use any other apps that are available on the Samsung, while the covert recordings are in process. The phone can also be placed on a table, with the lock screen on, and it will continue to make the videos. 3 years are Included in this price. 

The camera angle makes it possible to hold the Spy Phone S9 4G naturally

The position of the lens allows you to hold your hand in a natural position when you are making videos or snapshots on the go. The camera angle can also be adjusted, to fit your needs (if you are on the move, or if the phone is laying around on the table):
Picture from User Manual

Hold your hand parallelly or hold the device flat on the table, and you will get the landscape mode. 
Hold your hand vertically, or if you are on the move hold the phone at the side of your body, and the video mode will be portrait. 

360 degrees camera rotation option

You can set the camera rotation degree to 90/180/270 degrees. The mirror camera rotation of 180 degrees is also possible, and you have the "original state" option, to return the camera to default video recording mode.

S9 Spyphone allows for precise and extended audio and video settings

Control the camera selection, the audio parameters, and adjust everything precisely. Set the frame rate, and choose between audio-video and snapshot selection. 
Larger images from left to right:
  1. Open larger image 1 here
  2. Open larger image 2 here
  3. Open larger image 3 here
  4. Open larger image 4 here
  5. Open larger image 5 here

Included 4G Life feed sharing via Desktop App, with up to 50 connected spy phones

Share your live feed with your colleagues in a remote office, while you are on your fieldwork. The whole team can be viewed in the specially designed SmartEye program, as up to 50 spy phones can be linked to it. It allows for video downloads, and it can pinpoint the GPS location of the phones, which adds an extra layer of security to high-risk jobs. 

GPS Location, VPN Encryption and full-duplex audio communication

The GPS location can be seen and shared (optional) so your team can have a hold of your location if needed. The connection is made secure by VPN encryption and the smartphone also allows for Full-Duplex Audio communication with your base. 

Various Spy Phone Models available

At this point Spy Phones like RedMi 6 Pro, Samsung S9, Samsung S8 Plus, Samsung S9 Plus, and no-brand smartphones are available as such integration. This is changing in accordance with new smartphone releases, and availability. You can contact us for more info on the currently available models. 


How to use the Samsung Spyhphone:

  1. Insert a SIM card into the Smartphone and power it on
  2. The App is already installed on the spy phone and ready to use
  3. You can start recording videos, or taking snapshots

BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus

Can I adjust the camera angle?
Yes, the camera angle on the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus can be adjusted to 0, 90, 180, and 360 degrees. This flexibility allows users to capture footage from various angles, whether the phone is being held in hand or placed on a surface, ensuring optimal recording positions for different scenarios.

Can I use the phone normally while recording?
Yes, you can use the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus as a regular smartphone while the covert app records in the background. This includes making and receiving phone calls, using apps, and accessing the internet, ensuring that the device’s surveillance capabilities do not interfere with its regular smartphone functionalities.

How do I start using the covert features of the phone?
To start using the covert features of the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus, simply insert a SIM card, power on the smartphone, and the pre-installed covert app will be ready to use for recording videos or taking snapshots. The app’s integration allows for immediate use without the need for additional setup or installation processes.

How does the covert app work?
The covert app is hidden within a popular application on the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus, allowing it to record in the background without raising suspicion. It can record while other apps are in use or even when the phone’s screen is locked, ensuring continuous recording capabilities. The app’s presence is discreet to maintain the covert aspect of the device.

How is the 4G solution managed?
The 4G solution on the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus sends information to a server in Taiwan only once for the initial license data check at each login. This ensures minimal data transmission to external servers, focusing on user privacy and data security while utilizing Google Cloud services based in the USA.

Is the data connection secure?
The BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus ensures secure data transmission through VPN encryption. This protects the live feed and recorded data from unauthorized access, providing a secure channel for sensitive information and communications.

What are the main features of the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus?
The main features include a covert app for background recording, live 4G feed sharing, GPS location stamping, VPN encryption, full Google Play support, and the ability to answer or place calls during recording. These features are designed to support professional-grade surveillance and covert operations without compromising the phone’s regular functionalities.

What is the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus?
The BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus is a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone with integrated covert recording capabilities for professional use. It functions as a regular smartphone while offering hidden recording features through a pre-installed app, allowing users to conduct surveillance or covert operations without detection. The device supports all standard functionalities of a Samsung S9 Plus, including camera use, app usage, and phone calls.

What is the Smart Eye Desktop App?

The Smart Eye Desktop App is a specialized application for live monitoring of the smartphone feed from the BTech Covert Spyphone 4G S9 Plus. It allows for real-time video sharing, GPS location tracking, and can connect up to 50 spy phones simultaneously, making it ideal for coordinated operations in law enforcement or security fields.


More information on the usage of the Samsung S9 Galaxy can be found in the PDF below. The 4G streaming details get provided via email.

24 Months Warranty


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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