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BTech Spyphone DVR w/ Button cam. PDV-900BU
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BTech Smartphone Solutions Spyphone DVR with additional Button Camera.

This fully functional refurbished Android Smartphone comes with a lower price point than our standard Spy Phones. You can get this professional piece of equipment, together with the external button camera, for a fraction of the price when compared to the most known brand phones.

Compared to the Samsung S7 and Samsung S9 Plus phones, this Spy phone records via the button camera, or the front/back camera of the smartphone itself. 
Usually, when you open any Camera App, in order to record, it has to be open and running in the front. This App makes it possible, for the front/back/or button camera to record covertly, with the App running in the background. 
It is equipped with the same covert App as our mentioned Samsung models, which can fully function in the background while you are using any other App on the phone. The phone can be locked, you can take or place calls, and the covert app will keep recording. 
The App comes already installed on the spy phone and can start the covert recording immediately. The extensive settings menu will allow you to set the exact recording parameters you need for your fieldwork. 
This well-rounded and easy-to-carry spy phone is ideal for any covert work, be it indoors or outdoors. It is easy to use and carry around unnoticed. If connected to the additional external button camera, it will be easily body-worn, as it is smaller and narrower than the standard body-worn DVRs.

Spy Phone App Main Features:

  • App operates fully in the Background
  • The covert spy phone can be locked while the recording is going on in the background
  • Date/Timestamp available
  • Use any App while covert recording is active
  • Answer and place calls while App is recording
  • Compatible with Google Play
  • Angle of view can be adjusted to 0 / 90 / 180 and 360 degrees

Image from User Manual, available for download below.

BTech PDV-900BU Spyphone DVR with Button Camera Specifications:

Width: 75.5 mm 
Height: 153.6 mm 
Thickness: 7.9 mm 
Weight: 168g 
Battery: 3600mAh 
Capacity: 4GB + 64GB 

Size: 5.99-inch 
Resolution: 2160 x 1080
Contrast ratio: 1500:1 / (PPI 403)
Brightness: 450cd/m²

Operation System: OS Android 7.0 (Nougat) 
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 632 high-performance mobile platform
Main frequency: up to 1.8 GHz 
Adreno™ 506 GPU 
Standard 4 GB RAM  

MicroSD Card slot available - up to 256 GB (dedicated slot)
Dual-SIM model Internal 64 GB, 4 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6 GB RAM 

External Button Camera Specifications:
Resolution: 1080P @30 FPS
Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Field of view: 68 degrees
Size: 15x15x18 mm 
Audio: Integrated microphone

4G App / Server Information: 

  • Model without 4G works as a normal cellphone with all the regular data exchange with Google servers. Does not send information to other locations.

Samsung Spy Phone App Feature Focus:

Real Smartphone that works as a covert Spy Phone

This is a regular Smartphone with all the features we are now used to on Android phones and Apps. You can use this phone regularly, as a private or work phone, and also make the needed field recordings with it.

Covert App that can run in the background while you are using your phone

While you are running the covert App that makes the video recordings, you can use your phone normally; answer calls, place calls, play games, send emails, etc. This is convenient and provides an additional layer of safety. It is extremely hard to be suspicious of covert recording if someone is just placing a game on their phone. Furthermore, the phone will continue to record even if the screen is locked and it is just placed on the table. 

Extended Video and Audio settings 

You can set the camera selection, the audio parameters can be adjusted precisely. The resolution and frame rate can be also adjusted to suit specific work conditions and you can choose between audio-video and snapshot selection. 
The App is the same for all our Spy Phone models:

Larger images from left to right:
  1. Open larger image 1 here
  2. Open larger image 2 here
  3. Open larger image 3 here
  4. Open larger image 4 here
  5. Open larger image 5 here

4G Life feed sharing option with colleagues via Desktop PC with up to 50 connected Smartphones

The 4G live feed is optional and can be purchased separately if need be. It allows you to share your live feed over large distances with your co-workers. Up to 50 smartphones can be connected to the Desktop app (all info provided via email upon purchase). The desktop App has many functionalities including the downloading of video files, and the pinpointing of the user's GPS location, which provides an additional layer of safety for agents in the filed.

VPN Encryption and dual audio communication for the optional 4G Live feed

The connection is made secure by VPN encryption. It also allows for Full-Duplex Audio communication with your base. 

BTech Smartphone Solutions External Camera Support

This spy phone model arrives with the external button camera in a Kit, however, more options are available per request (microphone, handbag, eyeglasses, earphones, vest, sling bag).

Smartphone Models are changing as new Smartphones get released

At the moment smartphones like RedMi 6 Pro, Samsung S7, Samsung S8 Plus, Samsung S9 Plus, as well as no-brand smartphones, are available. This is changing as new models get released, and older ones are discontinued. You can always contact us for more info on the various models. 


How to use the Samsung Spyhphone:

  1. Insert a SIM card (not provided) into the Smartphone and power it on
  2. The App is already pre-installed and can be used right away
  3. Connect the button camera to it
  4. You can start your recordings now

Watch the Unpacking and Demo video of the Samsung S7 Spyphone. The App is the same as for the PDV-900 BU set:



For more information on the usage of this Spyphone solution, please carefully study the provided user manual below. 
24 Months Warranty 

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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