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MicroSpy Solutions
USB Audio Recroder with Integrated 8 GB Memory
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The USB Covert Audio Recorder with integrated 8 GB Memory can be used on the go, or in-home and office environments.   

It is a standard part of today's tools, and no one takes a second look at USB sticks. It can be part of your keychain, blend in at home or in an office. The USB voice recorder will record up to 90 h of audio material on tho the 8 GB integrated memory. It is easy to use and can be powered on/off with a one-button operation.

MicroSpy Solutions USB Audio Recorder Features:

  • Covert Audio recorder hidden in USB
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Lightweight 12 g
  • Up to 20 h continuous recording
  • 30 days in standby mode
  • 8 GB integrated memory for up to 90 hours of recordings
  • Play format: WAV, WMA, and MP3
  • Timestamp available


MicroSpy Solutions USB Audio Recorder Full Specifications:

Material: Durable and high-quality plastic
Memory: Integrated 8 GB memory
Battery: Built-in Polymer Lithium Battery
Recording format: WAV
Supports: MP3/WAV/WMA
Recording time: up to 20 Hours
Playback time: up to 96 hours
Recording bitrates: Default 192kbps
Sampling rate: 48KHZ
Charging time: 1,5 h
Color: Black
Dimensions: 68*21*9mm
Weight: 12g

How to use the USB Audio Recorder and MP3 Player:

  1. Power on the device, the red led will flash and the recording will start. Power off the device (the red Led will flash again) and the recording will be stopped, the file saved automatically.
  2. To charge the device or manage the files, simply connect it to your PC.



More information is provided in the quick manual that is part of the device's accessories.

24 Months Warranty


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