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MicroSpy Solutions
Necklace Voice-activated Audio Recorder with 8 GB Integrated Memory
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The MicroSpy Solutions voice-activated audio recorder with 8 GB integrated memory, one-touch recording, and timestamp. 

When jewelry meets spyware, you have 8 GB of memory casually accompanying you to a simple meeting or to a fine dinner. Wherever it is you can relax and let the device take care of recording the audio materials you need. It has a simple one-button operation and can be voice-activated. 
The audio recorder has a standby time of up to 30 days, records up to 20 hours, and can fit up to 90 hours of audio recordings on the integrated 8 GB Memory. 
The timestamp is available and the recordings are being split as per industry standards, that way even if one file gets corrupt, you will be able to access the rest of them. The device comes with a noise-reduction filter. 

MicroSpy Solutions Necklace Audio Recorder Main Features:

  • Black hexagonal star pendant audio recorder
  • Dual microphones
  • One-button recording with no visible receding switch
  • Timestamp and file name is saved under the recorded time
  • Automatically splits recordings 
  • LED lights indicators for recording 
  • Continuous recording for 20 hours
  • Stand-by time 30 days
  • 8 GB integrated memory (saves up to 90 hours of your audio recordings)
  • Format: WAV, WMA, MP3
  • Supports fast-forwarding and rewinding
  • ADPCM recording: 192Kbit

Necklace Voice-activated Audio Recorder with 8 GB Integrated Memory FAQs

Are the accessories included with the recorder consistent across all units?
The accessories in the supplied set may slightly vary from one production batch to another. While the core functionality of the recorder remains unchanged, minor variations in accessories ensure that the product stays up-to-date with the latest enhancements. This approach allows for continuous improvement of the user experience.

Can the recordings be timestamped?
Yes, recordings can be timestamped, with the file name saved under the recorded time. This feature helps in organizing and locating specific recordings easily, making it a valuable tool for documentation and review purposes. Timestamps provide a chronological context to the audio files.

Does the device come with a noise-reduction filter?
Yes, it includes a noise-reduction filter to enhance audio clarity. This filter minimizes background noise, ensuring that recordings are clear and focused on the intended audio. The noise-reduction feature is particularly useful in noisy environments.

Does the Necklace Voice-activated Audio Recorder have a standby mode?
Yes, the device features a standby time of up to 30 days. This extended standby time is beneficial for users who need the recorder to be ready at a moment’s notice without worrying about frequent recharging.

How does the device indicate recording status?
The device uses LED lights indicators to show the recording status. These indicators provide a visual cue to the user about the device’s operation, making it easy to know when it is actively recording or in standby mode. The discreet LED lights maintain the device’s covert nature.

How long can the device record continuously?
It can record continuously for up to 20 hours on a single charge. This feature is particularly useful for long meetings, lectures, or any event that requires extended recording times. After recording, the device can be easily recharged for its next use.

Is the audio recorder voice-activated?
Yes, the audio recorder is voice-activated, allowing for hands-free operation. This means it can start recording automatically in response to sound, making it convenient for capturing audio without manual intervention. The voice activation feature enhances its usability in various situations.

What file formats does the recorder support?
The recorder supports WAV, WMA, and MP3 file formats. This versatility allows users to choose the format that best suits their playback needs and preferences. Each format offers a balance of sound quality and file size.

What is the recording capacity of the Necklace Voice-activated Audio Recorder?
The Necklace Voice-activated Audio Recorder has an 8 GB integrated memory, capable of storing up to 90 hours of audio recordings. This large storage capacity ensures that users can record lengthy sessions without worrying about running out of space. The device efficiently manages storage to accommodate extensive audio files.

Note: the accessories in the supplied set may slightly vary from one production batch to another. 

Warranty 24 Months


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