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MicroSpy Solutions
Smart Watch AV Recorder with 32 GB Integrated Memory
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The MicroSpy Solutions Smart Watch and Audio Recorder with full HD 1080 P resolution and up to 30 days in standby mode. 

This audio and video recorder can be worn every day, as it is a functional watch. It is sweat and waterproof and will capture your audio and video files when needed. It is elegantly designed and can blend in with casual and sportswear. The noise reduction chip makes sure that the audio that you need is captured, and the one-click recording permits ease of usage while recording covertly. 

Smart Watch Audio & Video Recorder Main Features:

  • Can work as an audio and video recorder
  • It is an electronic watch
  • 1080P Full HD resolution
  • Noise-reduction chip
  • Up to 30 days in standby mode
  • Supports one-click recording and motion stabilization
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • OTG phone connection 


Smart Watch Audio & Video Recorder Full Specifications:

Recording time: up to 240 (minutes) 
Integrated memory: 32 GB (larger than watch in the picture with 8 GB) 
Display: OLED screen 
Transmission interface: USB 2.0 
Video: Records Video
Battery: Integrated lithium-ion battery 
Product size: approx. dial 46X20X12mm/1.81*0.79*0.47in, strap 256X12 (mm)/10.08*0.47in 
Product weight: about 23 (g) 
Color: Black 
Playback format: WAV 


Smart Watch AV Recorder with 32 GB Integrated Memory FAQs

Can the Smart Watch AV Recorder be used while exercising?

Yes, the Smart Watch AV Recorder is both waterproof and sweatproof. This makes it ideal for use during exercise or any physical activity, ensuring it won’t be damaged by moisture.

Can the Smart Watch AV Recorder connect to a phone?

Yes, it supports OTG phone connection. This feature allows for direct connection and data transfer to and from compatible smartphones, making it easy to manage your recordings.

Does the Smart Watch AV Recorder have motion stabilization?

Yes, it supports motion stabilization. This feature helps in capturing smoother video recordings, reducing the blur and shake that can occur with movement, making it ideal for active use.

Does the Smart Watch AV Recorder support one-click recording?
Yes, it supports one-click recording. This feature allows for easy and quick start of recording, making it convenient for capturing audio or video discreetly and efficiently.

How long can the Smart Watch AV Recorder stay in standby mode?
The Smart Watch AV Recorder can stay up to 30 days in standby mode. This extended standby time means it’s always ready to record when you need it, without the need for frequent recharging.

How much internal memory does the Smart Watch AV Recorder have?
The product description does not specify the internal memory for the Smart Watch AV Recorder. For accurate and verifiable information regarding its memory capacity, please refer to the manufacturer’s official product specifications or contact their customer service.

Is the Smart Watch AV Recorder also a functional timepiece?
Yes, it functions as an electronic watch. Besides its recording capabilities, it serves the everyday purpose of telling time, blending functionality with covert recording features.

Is there a noise reduction feature in the Smart Watch AV Recorder?

Yes, it is equipped with a noise-reduction chip. This chip helps in filtering out background noise, ensuring that the audio captured is clear and focused on the sounds you want to record.

What is the resolution of the Smart Watch AV Recorder?
The Smart Watch AV Recorder offers a 1080P Full HD resolution. This high resolution ensures that both video and audio recordings are clear and of high quality. It’s perfect for capturing important moments with clarity.

24 Months Warranty


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