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TTK Tactical TSCM Kit
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REI's Tactical TSCM Kit (TTK) is a versatile, portable, and deployment ready sweep kit made for detecting and locating all types of hidden electronic devices.

Assembled and made by Research Electronics International (REI), a known name in the security industry, the Tactical TSCM Kit (TTK) is a specialized toolkit containing a collection of essential TSCM REI devices: 
It's an all-in-one professional solution for those who need to detect and locate all kinds of hidden electronic devices on the go. It doesn't just find devices that are actively transmitting signals, but with the TTK, you can also detect electronics even if they are turned off or passive. Whether it's for corporate security, contraband detection in prisons, or ensuring the integrity of secure areas, the TTK offers a comprehensive solution with a range of proven REI TSCM products.

Each of the included devices offers unique capabilities while complementing the others:
  • MESA 2.0 Spectrum Analyzer
Essential for in-depth analysis and identification of specific RF signals. Offers specialized detection modes for mobile bands, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and sweeps a broad frequency range up to 12 GHz (with the Down Converter antenna)
Applications: Offers detailed information about the RF environment and general RF research for technical experts.
  • ANDRE Broadband Detector
Designed to quickly detect a wide array of known and unknown transmissions. It's not limited to specific frequencies, making it a versatile tool for identifying illicit or interfering signals.
Applications: Ideal for detecting unauthorized transmissions in secure areas, such as corporate boardrooms, secure government facilities, or examination halls.
  • ORION 2.4 HX Non-Linear Junction Detector
Detects hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether they are turned on or off. Its ability to find non-linear junctions allows it to locate electronic components hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture.
Applications: Critical in scenarios where hidden surveillance devices or contraband electronics (such as cell phones in prisons) need to be located.
  • CMA-100 Countermeasures Amplifier
A high-gain audio amplifier that can detect surveillance devices connected to building infrastructure. Its selectable filters and bias voltage control enable it to adapt to various detection scenarios.
Applications: Essential for sweeping building wiring for unauthorized surveillance devices, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information.
The REI Tactical TSCM Kit is housed in a durable Pelican 1535 Air carry-on case with custom inserts, ensuring that the devices are protected and organized, while the lightweight design (11.3 kg/25 lbs) makes it travel-friendly. This system enables you to carry the kit wherever you go, ensuring that you have all the tools you need, whether you are on the road or at a fixed location.

Each device in the TTK serves a specific purpose, addressing different aspects of electronic detection and security. Together, they form a comprehensive solution that can adapt to various scenarios and needs. Whether it's wireless signal analysis, hidden device detection, or building sweeps for surveillance devices, the REI TTK provides a tool designed to handle the task. 
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TTK Tactical TSCM Kit Main Features:

  • Professional, integrated solution for comprehensive TSCM sweeps 
  • Locates all types of hidden electronics, cameras,  microphones, and other illicit surveillance devices
  • Includes Spectrum Analyzer, Broadband Detector, NLJD, Audio Amplifier, & accessories
  • Comes in durable case with custom inserts, wheels, and a retractable handle for easy transportation
  • Easy travel with lightweight design - whole system only 11.3 kg/25 lbs

TTK Tactical TSCM Kit Included Accessories:

MESA 2.0
Whip Hybrid Dipole Antenna (30 MHz – 6 GHz)
Fixed Hybrid Dipole (500 MHz – 6 GHz)
Log Periodic Down Converter 500MHz – 12GHz
VLF 10kHz – 30MHz
3 Powered Antenna cables (48”, for MESA & ANDRE)
Carrier Current MCP (100 kHz – 60 MHz), cables, int’l power adapters
Euro Power Plug for MCP
1 Battery in the unit
GPS Dongle
MESA power supply

2x 18650 Batteries in the Unit
2x 18650 Spare Batteries
USB Wall Adapter
UK and Euro Plug
USB Charging Cable
Modular phone adapter and cable
Wrist Lanyard

2nd Harmonic Test Tag
3rd Harmonic Test Tag
1 Battery in the Unit
ORION Power supply/cable for Charging

9V Battery (1 in unit and 1 spare)
Mono to Stereo headphone adapter
ALP Acoustic Leakage Probe
External Battery Charger (MESA/ORION)

Other Accessories
Pelican 1535 Air Case 
2 Spare MESA/ORION batteries
Thumb Drive
Lens Cleaner
Earbud Set in case
UV White Flashlight
Travel Screwdriver Set
Needle Nose Pliers

TTK Tactical TSCM Kit Specifications: 

Pelican 1535 Air maximum carry-on size: 

Exterior (L×W×D) 21.96 x 13.97 x 8.98 in / 55.8 x 35.5 x 22.8 cm
Interior (L×W×D)20.39 x 11.20 x 7.21 in /51.8 x 28.4 x 18.3 cm
Complete package weighs <25 lbs/11.3 kg
Weight Empty 8.69 lbs (3.9 kg)
Padlock Hole Diameter 5/16″ (8 mm)
2 Wheels

MESA 2.0  Specifications:

Sweep speed > 200GHz/second
Operating frequency range: 10kHz – 6GHz/12GHz with Down Converter Antenna
DANL – Noise Floor: 312.5 kHz RBW with Pre-amp: -90 dBm, 9.765 kHz RBW with Pre-amp: -110 dBm
Detection Methods: RF, Carrier Current, Acoustic Leakage, IR/Visible Light, Ultrasonic
Audio Demodulation AM/FM demodulation with filter options: Auto, 200kHz, 20kHz, 5kHz
Alerts: Haptic, Visual, Audible
Supply AC:  100-240V/50-60Hz; single rechargeable Li-ion battery (includes 1 spare)
Run Time:   ~3 hours (typical) per battery
Charge time:   ~3 hours per battery (typical)
Operating Modes: SmartBars™, Mobile Bands, WiFi, Bluetooth, Jamming Interference Detection

ANDRE  Specifications:

Frequency range: 10kHz to 6GHz (12GHz with Down Converting antenna)
Detection Methods: RF, Carrier Current, Acoustic Leakage, IR/Visible Light, Ultrasonic
Histogram display: renders signal strength display of RF levels over time
3.5 in touchscreen display
Live audio playback
Extra USB charger included

ORION Specifications:

3.3 W EIRP; *G model: 6.6 W EIRP
Manual or auto power control
2.404 GHz – 2.472 GHz frequency band
Digital spread spectrum 1.25MHz bandwidth
FCC and CE
Digitally correlated
-140dBm for 2nd and 3rd harmonics
Haptic, audible, and visual alerts
Input AC: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Run time: >4 hours per battery (typical)
Charge time: 2.5 hours per battery

CMA-100 Specifications:

115 dB gain in manual mode
Digital voltmeter, 3.5 digit, auto zero, auto polarity, +/-199.9V AC/DC
Battery: 9V Alkaline (5 – 30 hours typical run time)


For more detailed specifications, please carefully study the PDF available for download below.

24 Months Warranty
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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