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MicroSpy Solutions
Pen Audio Recorder and MP3 Player with 8GB Integrated Memory
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A real, elegant pen that also serves as a hidden audio recorder and MP3 player, can be voice-activated, and has an integrated 8 GB memory.

In our many years of experience with covert pens that are either an Audio recorder or an A/V recorder, we have never seen such a thin pen that in our eyes can 100% pass as an average office pen. It is elegant enough to wear in your front pocket as an accessory. 
It is also designed so that we can not detect where the microphone is positioned and that the LED lights flash and then completely disappear. 
The device works as an audio recorder and permits up to 20 h of audio files while recording continuously, on the integrated 8 GB memory. It has a voice activation function that allows for far more audio recordings to be saved. 
You can also use it as an MP3 player. The provided headphones serve to hear your audio files on the go or to listen to a podcast or some music. 
It can be set up when you connect it to your PC and the files can also be managed that way. 

MicroSpy Solutions Pen Main Features:

  • Covert Audio recorder that can be voice-activated
  • Real Pen
  • Can be used as an MP3 player
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Robust body out of Copper alloy
  • Up to 20 h continuous recording
  • 30 days in standby mode
  • 8 GB integrated memory for up to 90 hours of recordings
  • Play format: WAV, WMA, and MP3
  • Timestamp available (and file named according to recording time)


MicroSpy Solutions Pen Full Specifications:

Material: CNC Copper Alloy
Memory: Integrated 8 GB memory
Battery: Built-in Lithium Battery
Function: Voice Activated
Supports: MP3/WAV/WMA
Recording time: up to 20 Hours
Playback time: up to 96 hours
Charging time: 1h
Color: Black
Weight: 35 g

How to use the Pen Audio Recorder and Mp3 Player:

  1. Press and hold the on/off button (top of the pen) for a couple of seconds. First, the purple led will flash for an instant (no longer than 1 second), and right after that the red led will flash a couple of times and then all the led lights will power off. The device has started audio recording.
  2. To save the recording and power off the device, simply long-press the top of the pen, and the blue led will flash a couple of times and power off. This means that the device has saved the files, and has powered off. 
  3. To set up the voice activation you have to connect the Pen to the supplied transfer cable and put it in the Pause mode. From then you press the play/pause for 3 seconds and the voice activation is ON, also the blue led will flash. To power it off long-press the Play/Pause button again for 3 seconds, and the red will flash.


Pen Audio Recorder and MP3 Player with 8GB Integrated Memory FAQs
Can this device be used as a regular pen?
Yes, the device functions as a real pen, allowing you to write with it while using its recording features. It is designed to be elegant and discreet, fitting seamlessly into an office environment. The pen’s appearance and functionality make it a versatile tool for both writing and recording.

How do I listen to recordings or MP3 files?
To listen to recordings or MP3 files, connect the provided headphones to the pen. This allows for private listening directly from the device, whether you’re reviewing recorded audio or enjoying music or podcasts. The headphones facilitate on-the-go listening without the need for additional playback devices.

How do I manage the files on the device?

Files on the device can be managed by connecting it to a PC using the supplied transfer cable. Once connected, you can transfer, delete, or organize the audio and MP3 files as needed. This connectivity makes it easy to manage your recordings and music library directly from your computer.

How does the voice activation feature work?
The voice activation feature is enabled by connecting the pen to a computer via the supplied transfer cable, setting it to Pause mode, and then pressing the play/pause button for 3 seconds. This feature allows the device to start recording automatically when it detects sound, conserving memory and battery life. To deactivate, press the play/pause button again for 3 seconds.

How is the device charged?
The device is charged by connecting it to a PC via the supplied transfer cable. This method not only charges the device but also allows for the management of files stored on it. Charging via PC is convenient and ensures the pen is ready for use when needed.

What file formats does the device support?

The Pen Audio Recorder and MP3 Player supports WAV, WMA, and MP3 play formats. This compatibility allows for a wide range of audio files to be played on the device, from recorded notes to music files. The variety of supported formats ensures flexibility in how the device can be used.

What is the maximum recording time?

The device can record continuously for up to 20 hours on its integrated 8GB memory. With voice activation, it can store far more recordings by only operating when sound is detected. This extensive recording capability makes it suitable for long meetings, lectures, or personal notes.

What is the Pen Audio Recorder and MP3 Player?
The Pen Audio Recorder and MP3 Player is a covert device that functions as both an audio recorder and an MP3 player with an integrated 8GB memory. It is designed to look like a regular pen, making it discreet for use in various settings. The device also features voice activation for efficient storage and can continuously record up to 20 hours of audio.

What is the standby time of the device?

The device has a standby time of up to 30 days, allowing it to remain ready for use without frequent recharging. This long standby time is beneficial for ensuring the pen is always ready to record at a moment’s notice. It’s particularly useful for users who may not use the recording feature daily.


More information is provided in the quick manual that is part of the device's accessories.

24 Months Warranty


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