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Discover new 4K LawMate PV-RC400UW and PV-DY40UWW cameras
LawMate is constantly upgrading its portfolio, and now for the first time, they are introducing 4K Ultra HD cameras. They successfully integrated the 4K Ultra cameras into their two bestselling models by making them better and different while keeping their well-known visual design.    

PV-RC400UW 4K Ultra Keyfob Wi-Fi DVR

This is an upgraded version of the bestselling PV-RC200HDW in terms of features. The overall design slightly changed but kept the positive and well-known design features like user-friendly three-button operation, a removable cap for access to the SD card, and covert buttons. The LawMate PV-RC400UW 4K Ultra offers 4K Ultra HD video quality and records at 25, 30, 60, and 120 fps which was often requested by our customers. Another upgrade is in terms of memory, so this new model now takes up to 256 GB memory cards and has a stronger battery for more recording time. 
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PV-DY40UW 4K Ultra HD WI-FI DVR Module / PV-DY40UWW 4K Ultra HD WI-FI DVR Module 

This brand-new but still familiar portable Wi-Fi module comes in two versions of the same model, resembling the bestselling PV-DY20i from the outside, but with different features. You can choose between PV-DY40UW and PV-DY40UWW with different lens types, which is the main difference between the two. The second model has an incredible 96-angle camera. The existing and well-known PV-DY20i is an IP product, while the newly released PV-DY40UW and PV-DY40UWW are Wi-Fi modules with a 4K Ultra camera. They offer records at up to 240 fps and can support SD cards with a maximum of 256GB. 
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