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Edic mini Tiny Plus B76 150 HQ Digital Voice Recorder
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The Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 150 HQ is the size of an SD card adapter and offers up to 150 h of recordings on the integrated 4 GB Memory (in the mode 8kHz, without compression). This allows for approx. 25 h of recording in continuous mode.

The device measures only 31x25x6 mm and is made of a metal casing and has a replaceable battery that can be easily inserted and taken out without the need of opening the device. This makes the Tiny B76 flexible in the terms of usage, because once the battery is empty all you need to do is insert a new one, and no waiting time is wasted while the device is being charged. The widespread CR2016 battery is used that can be bought online or in any hardware stores. 

The microphone of the device offers high sensitivity and low noise levels in a 12-meter radius. 

Popular features such as timestamp, linear/circular recording, and voice activation mode (VAS) are available on this device. It can make up to 70 hours of recordings in VAS mode as it significantly reduces power consumption. 

The system of the digital marker enables the user to determine the authenticity of the recorded files.
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Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 Features:

  • High-end microphones provides crisp sound in a 12-meter radius
  • Voice activation, manual operation, and timer recording options
  • Linear and circular recording modes
  • 4 GB built-in memory allows up to 25h of continuous and up to 70h of VAS recordings to be stored on the device
  • Replaceable and easily obtainable CR2016 battery
  • System of digital marker for file authenticity
  • High-speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s) 
  • Timestamp

Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 Specifications:

Height: 31 mm
Width. 25 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 16 g (without battery)
Case: Metal
Record time (memory capacity in hours): 150h
Battery life in record mode: up to 25 hours
Power supply: battery
Battery life in VAS mode: (acoustic signal below the threshold)up to 70 hours
Battery life in stand-by mode: up to 9 months
Built-in microphone sensitivity: up to 12 m
Built-in flash memory: 4 Gb
Interface: USB 2.0
Audio-codec: 10 bit
Audio recording mode: Mono
Recording format: WAV
Compression method: without compression, uLaw
Frequency band: 100-10000 Hz
Dynamic range: - 65 dB
Sample rate: 8, 11, 16, 22
Controls: switch
Indication of operation: LED
Voice Activating System: YES
Timer recording: YES

How to use the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76:

  1. Take the supplied battery and slide it into the device, paying attention to the battery polarity (there is a marking on the recorder itself). This recorder has a replaceable battery that should be in the device when connecting it to a PC (Windows XP, SP2, SP3, Vista 7/8/10), otherwise, the device might not recognize it
  2. Connect the device via the supplied adapter to your PC, and configure the device to meet your needs. The software for the configuration of the device is pre-installed onto the device itself.
  3. Once ready, disconnect the device from the PC, switch the recorder to On, and start your recording. 

EMPlus interface on the PC

Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 FAQs


Can the recordings from the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 be authenticated?
Yes, the system of the digital marker enables the user to determine the authenticity of the recorded files. This feature is crucial for applications where the integrity of the recordings is paramount, such as in legal or professional settings, providing an added layer of security and reliability.

How do I start recording with the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76?
To start recording, insert the supplied battery into the device, connect it to a PC via the supplied adapter to configure it, then disconnect, switch the recorder to On, and begin recording. This process ensures that the device is set up according to the user’s preferences before use, allowing for customized operation.

How does the microphone quality of the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 compare to other devices?
The high-end microphones of the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 provide crisp sound quality within a 12-meter radius, offering high sensitivity and low noise levels. This makes it suitable for capturing clear audio in various settings, outperforming many other devices in its category in terms of sound clarity and range.

How small is the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76, and what is it made of?

The Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 measures only 31x25x6 mm, making it extremely compact, about the size of an SD card adapter. It is encased in a durable metal housing, ensuring that the device is both lightweight and robust for discreet recording and long-term use in various conditions.

What are the main features of the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76?

The main features include voice activation, manual operation, timer recording, linear and circular recording modes, a system of digital marker for file authenticity, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, and timestamp functionality. These features make the device versatile and suitable for a wide range of recording tasks, from personal notes to professional surveillance.

What is the recording capacity of the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 150 HQ Digital Voice Recorder?
The Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 can store up to 25 hours of continuous recording or up to 70 hours in Voice Activation Mode (VAS) on its 4 GB built-in memory. In the 8kHz mode without compression, it offers up to 150 hours of recordings, allowing for extensive use without frequent data transfers. The device’s memory capacity and recording modes provide flexibility for various recording needs.

What makes the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 unique compared to other digital voice recorders?

Its ultra-compact size, high-quality metal casing, replaceable battery, and advanced recording features such as voice activation mode, digital marker system, and high sensitivity microphones set the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 apart from other digital voice recorders. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for users seeking a discreet, reliable, and versatile recording device.

What type of battery does the Edic-mini Tiny Plus B76 use, and is it replaceable?
The device uses a widely available CR2016 battery, which is replaceable and can be easily inserted and taken out without opening the device. This feature ensures that users can quickly replace the battery when it’s depleted, minimizing downtime and making the recorder more convenient for continuous use.


The exact recording duration depends on the level the CR2016 battery has been charged (in the factory), the quality of the battery, and the preset modes of operation on the device.
For more detailed information on the series, setup, and specifications, please take a look at the user manuals and PDF specification files available for download below.

24 Months Warranty.

>>User Manual full version<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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