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BTech Cap mini DVR in Full HD 1080P with Bluetooth
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BTech Cap mini DVR camera with 720P/ 1080P resolution and Bluetooth.

This is a unisex, one-size Cap, that can be adjusted in the back for a better fit. It has an integrated mini DVR inside, that allows for 720P or 1080P video resolution. 

It is controlled via the App on your Android or iOS smartphone.
To set up the timestamp, enter the following in a txt. file and save it onto the SD card: Y.M.D(blank)H:M:S - 2021.05.21 19:04:00
The device can be paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth, for more info take a look at our "How to" section below. 

Cap DVR Main Features:

  • HD 720P and 1080P resolution options
  • Timestamp available
  • Remote control for covert usage
  • Low light sensitivity of 0,5 lux

Cap mini DVR Full Specifications:

Sensitivity: 0.5 Lux
Angel of View: 75 Degrees
Date/Time Stamp: Available
Video Format: MOV
Video Resolution: 1080p
Photo resolution: 2560*1920
Sensor: 5 MP CMOS
Memory: Supports up to 64 GB SD Cards (not included)
Bluetooth: Stereo Bluetooth 4.0
Video recording time via Bluetooth: 180 min
Power: Lion Battery Pack 600mAh/3.7V
Charging: 5V/500mA USB
Battery lifetime: 90 minutes
Dimensions: 26×18x14 cm
Weight: 105 g

How to use the Cap mini DVR?

  1. Insert the SD card (not provided)
  2. Push the On/Off switch to On
  3. Now you can wear the Cap and manage your photo and video footage via application
  4. Everything gets recorded onto the SC card

How to pair the Cap with Bluetooth?

  1. Push the On/Off switch to On
  2. You will need Earphones with an MFB button for your smartphone (not provided)
  3. Long press MFB button for 6 seconds - blue and red LED light will flicker 
  4. Add the Bluetooth device name CVB010 (password 0000 or 1234)
  5. After you have paired the device with your smartphone, you will be able to access it in the future by pressing the MFB button for 2 seconds. 

BTech Cap mini DVR FAQs

Can the BTech Cap mini DVR record in low light?
Yes, the BTech Cap mini DVR has a low light sensitivity of 0.5 lux. This feature enables it to capture video in conditions with minimal lighting, making it versatile for different environments and times of day. The low light capability enhances the device’s usability in scenarios where lighting cannot be controlled.

How can the video footage be transferred from the BTech Cap mini DVR to a computer?
Video footage can be transferred by removing the SD card from the device and inserting it into a computer’s card reader. This method allows for easy access and transfer of the recorded files to a computer for viewing, editing, or sharing. The direct transfer via SD card eliminates the need for special software or cables, simplifying the process.

How do you insert the SD card into the BTech Cap mini DVR?
To insert the SD card, simply locate the SD card slot on the device and insert the card until it clicks into place. The SD card is not provided with the purchase, so users will need to acquire one separately. Proper insertion of the SD card is essential for recording and storing the captured video and photo footage.

How do you pair the BTech Cap mini DVR with a smartphone via Bluetooth?
To pair the device with a smartphone, turn it on and use earphones with an MFB button to initiate pairing by long-pressing the MFB button until the blue and red LED light flickers. Then, add the Bluetooth device name CVB010 (using password 0000 or 1234) to complete the pairing. This Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy access and control of the device through a smartphone, enhancing its usability and convenience.

How do you set up the timestamp on the BTech Cap mini DVR?
To set up the timestamp, users need to enter the desired date and time in a txt. file and save it onto the SD card using the format Y.M.D(blank)H:M:S – e.g., 2021.05.21 19:04:00. This process allows for accurate timestamping of recordings, which is crucial for documentation and evidence purposes. The ability to set a timestamp adds a layer of functionality for users who need to keep track of when events occurred.

How is the BTech Cap mini DVR controlled?
The device is controlled using a provided remote control, which is easy to operate with buttons for Power On/Off, video recording, and taking snapshots. This remote control facilitates covert usage, allowing users to manage the device discreetly. The simplicity of the control scheme makes it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Is the BTech Cap mini DVR suitable for night recording?
While the BTech Cap mini DVR has a low light sensitivity of 0.5 lux, its performance in complete darkness may be limited. It is designed for low light conditions but may not be optimal for pitch-black environments. For best results in night recording, some ambient light is beneficial to enhance the quality of the footage.

What resolution options does the BTech Cap mini DVR offer?
The BTech Cap mini DVR offers HD 720P and 1080P resolution options. This allows users to choose the desired video quality for their recordings, ensuring clear and detailed footage. The flexibility in resolution makes it suitable for various recording needs, from casual use to more detailed documentation.

What should be done if the BTech Cap mini DVR is not recording?
If the device is not recording, ensure that it is turned on, the SD card is properly inserted, and there is sufficient storage space available. Checking these factors can resolve common issues related to recording. If problems persist, consulting the user manual or contacting customer support may be necessary for further troubleshooting.


For more information please see the PDF available for download below. The device comes with a user manual. 
24 Months Warranty

>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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