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LawMate PV-UC10i Multinational USB Charger IP DVR
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The LawMate PV-UC10I USB charger appears and functions as a USB power charger, has Wi-Fi / IP connectivity, and can be used anywhere in the world.

This product is end of line and no longer available. If you are looking for a product with the same or similar specifications, please see related products at the end of the page or contact us directly at [email protected]

For the replacement model please take a look at the BTech PV-AC30 USB Power Adapter IP/Wi-Fi Camera

The Multi-Nation USB power charger comes with plugs for the US, UK, EU, and Australia. The 16GB SD card offers more than enough recording space when combined with the motion detection function. Also, it is a great time-saver when it comes to reviewing the video materials. 


PV-UC10I Main Features:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control, view, and download videos and snapshots from your smartphone 
  • Multi-Nation USB charger for US/UK/EU/ and Australia plugs!
  • Actually functions as a 5V 1A power charger! 
  • Appears as a normal USB charger with a 2MP camera that blends well in the environment 
  • Records at 1080p/720p/WVGA 
  • Motion detection allows for recording only when something happens
  • Overwrite function also helps save SD card space


PV-UC10I Full Specifications:

Built-in Image Sensor: 1/2.9" progressive CMOS sensor
Sensor Resolution: 2000*1121
Sensor Sensitivity: 0.03 Lux @ F 2.0
Lens F/No; F2.0
Focal Length: 4.3mm
The angle of view: 78°
Algorithm: H.264, JPEG
File Format: MOV, JPG
Video Recording mode: Auto/Manual/Motion Detection
All LawMate DVRs from our webshop record audio
Recording Capability: 1920*1080/1280*720/848*480
Frame Rate: Up to 30fps
Photo Capability: 2M(1600*1200)
Wifi: Built-in WiFi Module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Memory type: 16GB Micro SD Card (Support SDHC max=32GB)
Data interface: Mini USB 2.0
Date/Time Table: YYYY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS
Power Input: AC 100-240V
Dimensions: 63*52*40mm
Weight: 97g
*Names & Parts from Quick Manual

LawMate PV-UC10I Feature focus:

Built-in Wi-Fi with IP connectivity option allows you to control, view, and download videos and snapshots from your smartphone.

You do not need to wait until the device is done recording, or to go to a distant location to exchange the SD card for review and space issues. 

The Wi-Fi Module has made it possible to download and view the video material from your smartphone wherever a Wi-Fi connection is available. The combination with the motion detection function and overwrite function, will open possibilities for your workflow that have never existed before.


Multi-Nation USB charger for US/UK/EU/ and Australia plugs!

Combine work and travel without having to prepare your gear for a different power supply. One-click change of the plugin will do the work.

Functions and appears as a 5V 1A USB power charger with a 2MP camera that blends well in the environment.

You can relax, and forget the worries someone will actually try to charge a device on your spy gear. LawMate's innovation has made it possible to use the cameras as the functions they imitate. This is a long-awaited feature that also applies to the PV-FM20HDWi. 


PV-CAM iOS and Android apps for the PV-UC10i: 

Google Play link:

App Store link:



How to use the LawMate PV-UC10I:

  1. Insert the SD card in the SD card slot
  2. Choose the plug you need and slide it into the back part of the charger
  3. Plug the device into an electrical outlet to power the device
  4. The system initialization takes around 40 seconds, and the Blue LED will indicate the process
  5. When the Red LED lights on, the recording can begin

*Please note that each time the device is switched to P2P or IP connection, the system initialization will take around 40 seconds. 



It is very important to enter the exact same router name as stated on your device when configuring it in the App. 
For detailed specifications and instructions regarding the setting up and App management, please carefully consult the PDF files below.
Important IP setup Tip - Obligatory deleting of the device from the Device Management section of the App if you wish to switch phones. Otherwise, the device will be linked to the phone via the server and you will not be able to connect to the IP via other smartphone/s.  
New info on SSID: it turns out that IP products (such as this one) cannot change the SSID name. Wi-Fi products only can change the SSID name. However, once connected to the IP the device's name is the same as your router name.
All our devices are delivered with microphones.
24 Months Warranty
>>IP-Cam Viewer App Manual<<
>>PV-UC10I Quick Guide<<
>>PV-UC10I Specifications PDF<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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