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GSM Safe 3

306,25 EUR  inc VAT
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The GSM Safe 3 detects illegal activation of a mobile phone, and renders the microphone in the mobile phone useless by generating white noise when radio-waves are detected.

The perfect tool for eliminating modern communication devices as a potential security hazard during confidential conversations, meetings, etc. It is designed as an desktop stand, while protecting your conversations in case your (or your partner/s) mobile phone has been modified, changed or has pre-installed spyware software on it.

GMS Safe Main Features:

  • Accurate and sensitive detection of GSM 900/1800, CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS) and Bluetooth by an intelligent algorithm of the microcontroller
  • Built-in diode for indication of the active mode and kind of the detected protocol
  • Newest version - turns on automatically when a telephone is put inside and automatically turns off when the handset is taken out!
  • LED indicators: CDMA850 - Green / GSM - Red / 3G (UMTS) - Orange / Bluetooth - Blue
  • Designed as a wooden desktop stand
  • A new more sensitive scheme of detection with preselectors provides a better detection distance
  • Long battery life of up to 10-15 days (when used moderately) 
  • Does not block the mobile network in the area
  • Has no adverse effect on health (no electromagnetic waves)
  • Compatible with virtually all types of GSM telephones (max width 7 cm, practically any height and thickness)

GSM SAFE 3 Specifications:

Detected protocols: GSM 900/1800, CDMA 850, WCDMA 2100 (3G, UMTS) and Bluetooth
Frequency range of generated interference, Hz: 300 - 5000 (white noise)
Power source: 3V, 2*AA - batteries included
Dimensions (without antennas): 102*84*74
Current consumption: 1.2 mA / 50 mA (stand-by/active) 

2 Working Modes:

  1. Detect – warns you with the help of the LED when the telephone starts an exchange of information
  2. Noise – in addition to warning the GSM SAFE 3 will produce audio interference which suppresses the telephone’s microphone 

How to use the GSM Safe 3:

  1. Insert the batteries in the device (you will need to unscrew the battery compartement on the bottom of the device and place the batteries inside)
  2. Select a working mode
  3. Put your phone inside it, the device will turn on automatically. The green LED will flash every 2 seconds for confirmation.
  4. To check if the GSM Safe is working properly, make a call from your mobile phone and put it in the GSM Safe 3. The diode should turn on, and stay that way longer than just blinking green.
  5. Depending on the detected type of signal - the LED indications will change colour. 
Note: For more specifics on the installation process, device usage and bug detection, please carefully study the PDF files below. 
>>>GSM Safe 3 User Manual<<<
306,25 EUR  inc VAT
Available on stock
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