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STronic UR225-135 Audio Recorder with 135 h Recording Time
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STronic UR225-135 is a powerful and slim Audio Recorder that can be 225 days in Voice Activation mode and offers 135 hours of recording time.

This Voice recorder has an impressive voice activation period that is almost more than any other device in this niche offers. It is extremely thin with only 3.5 mm and has a very high capacity. The device has a USB port for data extraction purposes, just connect it to a PC and get your audio material in MP3 format. 
It is easy to use with one switch that can be set in 2 positions; the first is continuous recording and the second is voice-activation mode/recording. Just choose your operation mode and a hiding place for the audio recorder.
With 3.5 mm this one is perfect for slim spaces like behind artworks, clocks, underneath tables, etc. As the device comes with highly sensitive microphones you will be able to listen to voices and noises in a radius up to 10 meters away. 
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Main Features:

  • 225 days in Voice activation mode
  • 135 hours of Recording time
  • HQ audio using Mp3 codec for perfect compression
  • Size: 97 x 80 x 3.5mm (very thin) 


STronic UR225-135 Full Specifications:

Recording Time: max capacity 135 hrs
Battery Life: 135 Hrs
Standby Time: 225 Days in voice activation
Operating system: Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10
Charging Time: 4 hrs
Size: 97 x 80 x 3,5mm
Memory: 4 GB
Weight: 27.2g


Package contains:

  • STronic UR225-135
  • Charger
  • USB MINI cable


Charging when unplugged from the cable:

0—30% battery: No flash or light
30—70% battery: One flash
70—100% battery: Light ON


How to use the STronic UR225-135:

  1. Place the device on the table with the connector facing up as in the image below.
  2. For continuous listening slide the switch in Position 2.
  3. For Voice Activation slide the switch in Position 1.
  4. To turn off the device, push the switch in Position 3. 

STronic UR225-135  FAQs

Can the STronic UR225-135 record in voice activation mode, and for how long?
Yes, the STronic UR225-135 can record in voice activation mode for up to 225 days. This feature saves battery and storage space by only recording when sound is detected, making it efficient for long-term surveillance.

How do I extract recordings from the STronic UR225-135?
To extract recordings, connect the STronic UR225-135 to a PC using the provided USB MINI cable. Once connected, you can easily transfer the audio files in MP3 format to your computer for playback or storage.

How do I know the battery level of the STronic UR225-135 when it’s charging?
During charging, the STronic UR225-135 indicates its battery level through flashes or a constant light: no flash or light for 0—30% battery, one flash for 30—70% battery, and the light stays ON for 70—100% battery. This system helps users easily understand the current charge status.

How do I switch between recording modes on the STronic UR225-135?
To switch between continuous recording and voice activation mode, use the single switch on the device. Slide the switch to Position 2 for continuous recording or Position 1 for voice activation mode, allowing for flexible recording options based on your needs.

How thin is the STronic UR225-135, and why does it matter?
The STronic UR225-135 is only 3.5 mm thin, making it one of the slimmest audio recorders available. Its slim profile allows for discreet placement in tight spaces, such as behind artworks or under tables, without being detected easily.

What are the main features of the STronic UR225-135?
The main features include 225 days in voice activation mode, 135 hours of recording time, high-quality audio with MP3 codec, and a very thin size of 97 x 80 x 3.5mm. These features make it a versatile and discreet option for various recording needs.

What comes included in the package of the STronic UR225-135?
The package of the STronic UR225-135 includes the audio recorder itself, a charger, and a USB MINI cable. These accessories provide everything needed to start recording and managing audio files immediately.

What is the maximum distance from which the STronic UR225-135 can pick up sounds?
The STronic UR225-135 can capture voices and noises from up to 10 meters away. Its highly sensitive microphones ensure that even distant or quiet sounds within this range are recorded clearly.

What is the recording time of the STronic UR225-135 Audio Recorder?
The STronic UR225-135 Audio Recorder offers 135 hours of recording time. This extensive recording capability is ideal for long-term monitoring without frequent check-ins. The device uses MP3 codec for high-quality audio compression, ensuring clear recordings over this extended period. 


The quality of the mobile signal in the place of installation will affect the quality of interception. 


To improve the recording quality and voice gain we recommend using the additional Stronic configuration file.

It is recommended by the manufacturer to format the battery before first use, see details in the PDF below.

Please carefully study the PDF below before using and setting up the device.
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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