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LawMate AR-200 Voice recorder with Voice Activation and 32 h recording
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LawMate AR-200 is a second-generation LawMate voice recorder. 

The small-sized long-hours recorder features a direct connection with fixed-line telephones allowing it to record incoming calls automatically as well as voice-activated recording from the outside.
The device is easy and if needed covertly operated with the help of vibration and LED signal alerts. All audio is recorded in a widely used MP3 format. AR-200 can be used as an MPS player.

AR-200 Main features include:

  • Direct connection to a landline phone line
  • Several recording modes (Voice-activated recording, incoming call recording, manual recording)
  • Up to 32 hrs. autonomous recording
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) microphone is able to adapt to a level of noise in the environment
  • Small size and weight


AR-200 Full Specifications:

Storage: Built-in: 4GB
Output Alert: Vibration and LED
Microphone: AGC Microphone
Recording mode: Manual / Voice Activated / Auto
File Format: MP3
Connection: Micro USB
Battery Current: 800 mA
Standby Current: 9 mA
Operation Current: 25 mA
Playback Current: 20 mA
Standby Time: 80 hours
Operation Time: 32 hours
Dimension: 96 X 29 X 15 mm
Weight: 42 g

AR-200 Feature Focus:

 Able to connect to landline directly

AR-200 can connect to a landline phone cable and record incoming and outgoing calls. Automatic fixed-line call recording will save the device memory and battery and allow it to work longer.

Long hour recording time vs. small size and weight

For a device with a height of just 10 cm and a width of just 3 cm, it is easy to hide it yet it is capable of up to 32 hours of autonomous recording time due to an 800 mA internal battery.


For additional information regarding the Lawmate AR-200 please download the specifications PDF file below.
12 months warranty.
>>AR-200 Quick guide (PDF)<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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