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Comparing RF Spectrum Analyzers: HSA-Q1, Delta X G2/6, Delta X G2/12 and OSCOR Green
Having the right tools to first identify and then analyze and understand the RF signals has become crucial for security professionals or for those simply concerned about their privacy. In the modern world filled with modern communication and surveillance technology, it has become extremely important to correctly detect and analyze RF signals. In the text that follows, we will focus on popular RF signal analyzers from three different manufacturers to help you decide on the one that will fit your requirements.

HSA-Q1 - Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer from JJN Digital - Made in the UK for Advanced Signal Analysis

The HSA-Q1 attracts attention with its impressive frequency range of 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz. Having such a wide detection range, it enables you to detect a wide variety of signals. Worth mentioning is also its incredibly fast sweep time of only 0,5 seconds in Full Range and 0,2 seconds in Lower Range, which is beneficial when dealing with dynamic environments.

Thanks to its five levels of sensitivity, it is a good option for detecting weak signals, while at the same time, the Spectrogram Waterfall Function allows you to analyze each detected signal in depth.

The Tune & Listen demodulation function is one unique feature of the HSA-Q1 which supports Wide FM, Narrow FM, and AM selection. This functionality allows you to listen to the audio of detected signals using either the provided earphones or the internal speaker. 

All analyses come stored in memory logs and can be downloaded with a time and date stamp to a complementary USB stick for more detailed comparisons. HSA-Q1 has a clear and solid size 6" TFT Display Screen that ensures good visibility.



Handheld RF Spectrum Analyser 1 Mhz to 13.44 Ghz 


Delta X Series: Delta X G2/6 and Delta X G2/12 - Advanced RF Spectrum Analyzers from Digiscan Labs

Delta X G2/6 and Delta X G2/12 are two variants with slightly different capabilities, but their core features are the same. Their update rate is 2000-3000 MHz per second for Delta X G2/6 and 3000-4000 MHz for Delta X G2/12 which allows rapid signal detection and analysis with a reaction time of approximately 2-3 seconds. 

One of the main differences between the two is the frequency range, which is 9 kHz to 6000 MHz for Delta X G2/6 and 9 kHz to 12000 MHz for Delta X G2/12. They are both, however, 20-50 times more sensitive and have a higher detection distance than standard RF detectors, and they can detect various RF listening devices, including analog and digital signals, constant or intermittent transmissions, and those with or without encryption. They are effective at detecting near-field receivers and short-burst signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile devices.

The Delta X series comes with multiple working modes - including instant detection mode, guarding mode, locating mode, and car tracker detection. They are powered by the laptop or tablet and come with software, so they also allow you to analyze the signals by importing the known ones. With the help of the supplied Multifunction Probe they detect illegal information transmission on AC, telephone, Ethernet, alarm, and other wires, as well as in the infrared range.



Delta X Series 
OSCOR Green: Advanced RF Spectrum Analyzer by REI USA for Superior Signal Analysis

The Oscor Green is a very powerful RF spectrum analyzer with an extremely rapid spectrum sweep that scans 24 GHz in just one second. It covers the frequency range of 10 kHz to 25 GHz and offers quick detection, especially in a busy environment. It eliminates the need for additional antennas, cables, and laptops since it comes with built-in software for analysis, while the high-resolution touch screen allows easy control and panning, zooming, dragging, and moving across data.

Its signal analysis is impressive. They include Spectrogram, Raster Waterfall, Persistence, Signal List generation, and more. You are able to capture, store, analyze, and compare all signals - even burst/packet and frequency hopping signals, which can be harder to pick-up as they transmit in short bursts. 

In addition to thorough analysis, it also offers audio and video demodulation with built-in demodulators, supporting AM, FM, SSB, subcarrier, and video. Oscor Green can also be operated remotely - thanks to the Ethernet port, you can monitor sweeps-in-progress using 3rd party virtual network computing software.



OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer 



Which RF Spectrum Analyzer shoud I buy?

Each of the RF signal analyzers—HSA-Q1, Delta X G2/6, Delta x G2/12, and OSCOR Green—comes with its own set of features and capabilities, making them suitable for different scenarios and user preferences. HSA-Q1 stands out with its compact handheld design, which makes it easy to carry around, and the extremely fast sweep time, which spans from 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz. The solid analysis feature allows you to get to know the detected signals and even listen to their audio. In regards to the price, it provides a cost-effective starting point for RF signal analysis. 
Delta X series, on the other hand, are much bigger in size, they power from the laptop or your own tablet, and they come with complimentary software you need to install as the first step. They offer rapid signal detection with a frequency range of 9 kHz to 6000 MHz and 9 kHz to 1200 MHz, depending on the model. However, their analysis possibilities are numerous, and our clients find their multifunction probe feature very useful. Delta X series strikes a balance between cost and advanced capabilities. 
Oscor Green offers the largest frequency coverage and a very rapid sweep. It comes with user friendly integrated software and a solid size touch screen. It offers very good analysis features, and it can also be accessed remotely. It is the most expensive option of all the above-mentioned, however, it is the most powerful one. It sets the standard for high-end, premium RF spectrum analysis tools. 

Now it's your turn to determine which features you find essential and where you can compromise. For all questions on countersurveillance equipment and spectrum analyzers, feel free to reach out to us via [email protected] or Whatsapp .user-friendly

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