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Voice Recorder Colibri-SD in an Access card
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Voice Recorder Colibri-SD in the casing of an Access card is manufactured from a rectangular plate, that is reliable and easy to use. 

It offers 20 hours of continuous recording and at least 3000 hours in standby mode. The files can be protected by setting a password. This makes it necessary to descramble the files (by entering the password) before the attempt to read them via a micro SD card player. 

The two highly sensitive microphones allow for high-end recordings, even in challenging acoustic environments like crowded places, streets, etc. 

The Recorder allows for timed recording, and two options are available: 
  1. Daily Timer - you can set a daily time when the device starts and stops recording
  2. Schedule Timer - you can set a time and date when the recorder starts and stops recording 
The files are saved onto the micro SD card, however, prior to first use place consult the files available below, as the recorder has to be initialized as instructed (user manual, quick start guide). The SD card with the needed software will be provided with the accessories of the device. 
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Colibri-SD in Acces Card Main Features:

  • Two microphones that allow you to record in Stereo Mode
  • Battery life in recording mode: 20 hours
  • Battery life in standby mode: at least 3000 hours
  • Password protection that is encrypted with the AES standard / 128 bit
  • The audio files are protected by a digital signature, which shows if the files have been tampered with
  • Compact flash card capacity: 2 GB
  • 16-bit audio codec

Colibri-SD full Specifications:

Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 2.7 mm
Thickness: 2.7 mm
Weight: 17 g
Case: Plastic
Battery life in record mode: at least 20 hours
Power supply: built-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
Battery life in standby mode: at least 3000 hours
Built-in battery capacity: 120-180 mAh
Charging: connect the product to the USB port of the PC or power supply 5V using adapter
Compact flash card capacity: 2 GB
Interface: USB 2.0
Audio codec: 16 bit
Audio recording mode: Stereo
Recording format: WAVE PCM Stereo
Frequency band: at least 16 kHz (depends on clock frequency)
Dynamic range: 80 dB
Sample rate:  8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz
Controls: hole button
Indication of operation: LED
Voice Activating System: NO
Timer recording: YES
Current consumption: 120-180 mA·h
Battery charging time: 2 hours


How to use the Voice Recorder Colibri-SD:

  1. Make sure the device is fully charged
  2. Connect it to your PC and run the "Kolibri_5.exe" like indicated in the quick start guide and user manual below
  3. The LED flashes red, then blue and then it turns off
  4. The recorder is ready to be used 
  5. Set a password, if you wish to protect your files


For more information on the device, how to configure it, how to set the password, please carefully read the PDFs available for download below. Both a quick start guide and an extended user manual are available.  

24 Months Warranty
>>Quick Start Guide Colibri Access Card<<
>>Colibri SD User Manual<<
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<


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