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Spy Equipment

Professional spy equipment

To have a device for capturing information in a legal way is as important as to be able to communicate to whoever you want, whenever you want - knowing your communication is secure.

Spy equipment is used for covert observation or audio surveillance in real time and for recording the acquired information. To fulfill its mission, spy equipment must be miniature and usually is hidden in object for everyday use such as handbag or a cap.

Spy equipment has its original use in detective work among police inspectors and private investigators. During investigations spy equipment enables gathering and storing authorized and protected video and audio that can be used as solid evidence in the court of law.  Such equipment on our site is marked as "professional spy equipment”.


Multi-purpose spy equipment

The research shows increasing number of various purposes that spy equipment is used for. Its expansion was contributed by price cutting and enhanced distribution. Therefore on our website, a side of professional equipment we also offer a range of multipurpose and affordable spy equipment.

Use of non-professional spy equipment can be various; for example recording business meetings or other important field information.

Spy equipment is also used in marketing research when honest customer reactions need to be documented. When video is later on shown to the recorded customer, they can then approve the usage of their video recording for marketing purposes. Discrete recording is useful with that kind of scientific research because buyers tend to change their behavior when familiar with the fact that they are being recorded.

Some of the equipment, because of small dimension and robustness, can also be used for recording extreme sports activities (some models enable underwater recording). Miniature camera gets placed on helmet, bicycle or motorcycle wheel, while recorder can be put on clothes or specially designed holster.

Finally, because of miniature dimension use of our spy cameras is suitable even in households where visibility can be achieved in hardly visible and hardly accessible places such as installation, the space behind the cabinets, under washing machine or the car hood.

We offer highly sensitive color cameras for daytime shooting, as well as extremely high sensitive cameras for poor lightning condition recording (moonlight, sunset etc.). The equipment often time uses autonomous battery power, which enables mobile operation. Both of these characteristics additionally make the use of spy equipment even wider and we are sure that every consumer will find a new purpose for this affordable multifunction video and audio equipment.

We are constantly developing our website and offer new products, so if you need a specific type of product that you cannot yet find on our website, please contact as at [email protected]

Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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