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PocketEagle R4
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PocketEagle R4 is a covert streaming solution hidden inside a regular looking smartphone. By pointing miniature hidden pinhole at the front of the smartphone you can covertly record and stream nearby audio and video. The operation is ensured by a sophisticated high-resolution covert camera and SSL protected streaming and recording algorithms that are running in the background.

This product is designed and assembled in the EU. As such features lifetime support and 3 years warranty on modified electronics and software.  

There are two main ways of using the spyphone—in a local wireless network or over the Internet.

The application can stream video and audio while you are using other applications on your phone, for example, while you are writing a message or using Facebook.

The app can also be used while the phone is locked - black screen streaming. A shortcut can be created and used on the smartphone desktop to automatically start the video or audio streaming with the predefined settings, while a shortcut in the menu of the phone is used to access the settings. 

The app is locked with a pattern so unauthorized users cannot access your E-mail app (hidden streaming server). 

You can easily share access to A/V feed with other people with regular sharing app such as Whatsapp, Viber, E-mail and other, and modify the features that come with the device to suit your requirements. The recording and streaming time is approx. 10 h with Wi-Fi, and approx. 4h when connected to a 3G or 4G network. 

There are two models currently available, for the PocketEagle NT model click here.



PocketEagle R4 Main Features:

A real smartphone with covert camera

Fully Covert front camera in a modern smartphone. Aside from an additional dot at the front of the camera and a standard looking application, it does not visually different from any other smartphone in the market.
Covert concealment on par with any top of the line covert product in the market that enables agents all over the world to act more naturally and stress-free during their covert missions. 

Live IP steaming over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

Supports live streaming as well as remote view and setup, both of the covert and main camera, depending which one is more suitable for the situation.

Easy to use with versatile functions 

Very easy 1-minute setup for the IP streaming. On the other hand, also supports numerous features for the requirements of the advanced user.

Customizable interface

Adjust the visual interface to user requirements in order to make the device personal and easy fit to personal covert recording requirements.


PocketEagle R4 Specifications:

Recording and streaming time (WiFi) - Approx. 10h
Recording and streaming time (3G/4G) - Approx. 4h
(Battery is not replaceable, Dual Sim)
Resolution: 5.0 MP (2592 × 1944)
Video Resolution: Full HD, 1920x1080
Focal Length: 3.16 mm
Focus Modes: fixed, infinity
Zoom: Supported
Auto Exposure Locking: Supported
Auto White Balance Locking: Supported

Supported Resolutions:
Image: up to 2592x1944
Video: up to 1920x1080 (Full HD)


PocketEagle R4 also features these following functions:

Self-signed certificates

The device provides an extra layer of security by encrypting communication between the phone and the end user with self-signed SSL encryption certificates. 

Unnoticeable Pinhole

The pinhole fits in the design of the phones and is unnoticeable. 

Remotely interchangeable camera views

Use either the covert camera or if the angle is better suited with one click remotely switch to standard smartphone backside camera.
Auto toggle night vision mode, manual toggle exposure, zoom-in / zoom-out, steam quality, resolution, FPS etc.

Take focused photo function

Remotely take the photo or use take focused photo function when the situation (low light, difficult to see) requires longer exposure times. Can save video locally, remotely, send by email or upload to FTP all by using the software.
Password protected access and self-signed SSL encryption certificate for communication between cellphone and remote access.

Multiple video formats

MKV, MPEG4, WebM, and Mov.


PC Interface

The PC interface is very easy to access. Simply send an SMS, email etc. (there are several options) with the IP address to the person that will be monitoring the covert operation, or type the IP address yourself in the URL section of the browser.

You will instantly access the interface.

There are a large number of features that allow you to control and tune the device to match your needs;
  • Ability to choose Video Renderer 
  • Ability to choose Audio Player 
  • Two-way audio - a useful feature for those that require it that can be turned On/Off by one click 

Recorder Control - You can turn On/Off the recording with one click. There are also the possibilities of circular recording or manual activation of the recording. 

Furthermore, you can choose to Zoom In or Out, manage the quality of the stream, and exposure compensation.
The Misc feature allows you to choose - Autofocus Hold, Overlay and Night Vision.
Front Camera - you can switch the streaming from spy camera to the main camera and adjust the camera settings in an instant. 

The advanced settings of the PC interface offer the following features:

Night vision gain, Night vision exposure, Orientation, Photo resolution, Mirror and flip, Flash mode, Focus mode, Scene mode, Antibanding, White balance, Color effect, Lock exposure, Lock white balance, Stream on boot, and Recording on start. 

Smartphone Interface

The Application can be hidden in a number of ways. In the picture above you can see it concealed in the E-mail App. The App will request a password in order for you to access the spy camera. It will blend in with your other applications, and as the smartphone is an original device and can be used regardless the spyware, it will be virtually impossible to detect a covert agent/operation.

How to use the PocketEagle R4:

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi, 3G/4G network
  2. Access the app and start shooting
  3. Modify the features to suit your needs after you have studied the PDF available for download below. 
Note: Please do not make changes to settings before you read the detailed manual. Especially do not change the seƫtings for stream orientation, recording codec, and video resolution.
The product comes with lifetime support and 3 years warranty on modified electronics and software. 
<<<PocketEatle R4 Brochure PDF>>>
<<<PocketEagle R4 Quick Manual PDF>>>


Disclaimer: Items on the website are not be used for the purpose of illegal surveillance of unsuspecting subjects. The items are to be used only in compliance with all the local laws and regulations under the threat of penalty.

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