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New Firmware Upgrades

PV-500HDW Pro Stability Firmware

>>>Download Firmware<<<

PV-500L3 Stability Firmware

Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Store the upgrade file on the SD card and insert it back to the device.
  2. Turn on the device, go to settings in the menu and find the firmware upgrade key.
  3. The device will restart automatically after the upgrade is finished. 
>>>Download Firmware<<<

PV-500HDW Stability Firmware


A New stability firmware for the PV-500HDW and the PV-CAM View App is out. 
The 25fps firmware and this stability firmware share the same file name but are not the same software. 
Just follow the procedure described below!

Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Store the FWDP100.bin in the micro SD card.
  2. Insert the card back to PV-500HDW.
  3. Power on the PV-500HDW and you will see the blue LED blinking slowly than fast and finally off, which means the upgrade procedure is done.
  4. Delete the upgrade file from the card when you finish the procedure.

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