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Microphone for PV-500 EVO2 and PV-500 EVO2U
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The S-MIC-AGC is a Microphone compatible with the following LawMate PV-500 DVR models:

  • PV-500 EVO2
  • PV-500 EVO2U
Limited Stock as the DVRs are out of production and stock for a couple of years now. 

Microphone for PV-500 EVO2 and PV-500 EVO2U FAQs

Are there any special care instructions for the S-MIC-AGC microphone?
To ensure the longevity and performance of the S-MIC-AGC microphone, it should be stored in a dry, cool place when not in use. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust. Regular cleaning of the microphone’s exterior with a soft, dry cloth can also help maintain its condition.

Can the S-MIC-AGC microphone be used for professional recordings?
The S-MIC-AGC microphone is designed for use with LawMate PV-500 DVR models and is suitable for professional-grade audio recordings. Its AGC feature and compatibility with high-quality DVRs make it a reliable choice for law enforcement, security professionals, and investigative journalists. The microphone’s performance in capturing clear audio makes it an asset in professional settings.

Can the S-MIC-AGC microphone be used with other DVR models?

The S-MIC-AGC is specifically designed for compatibility with the LawMate PV-500 EVO2 and PV-500 EVO2U models. While it is optimized for these models, its compatibility with other DVRs cannot be guaranteed. Users should verify compatibility with other models before attempting to use the microphone.

How does the automatic gain control (AGC) feature work?
The automatic gain control (AGC) feature automatically adjusts the microphone’s sensitivity to maintain consistent audio levels. This ensures that the audio recording is clear and audible, regardless of the distance or noise level in the environment. AGC is particularly useful in dynamic situations where sound levels can vary significantly.

Is the S-MIC-AGC microphone still available for purchase?
The S-MIC-AGC microphone has limited stock due to the PV-500 DVR models being out of production for a couple of years. Availability is restricted, and potential buyers should inquire about current stock levels. It’s advisable to act quickly if the microphone is needed, given the limited quantities.

What are the key features of the S-MIC-AGC microphone?
The S-MIC-AGC microphone features automatic gain control (AGC) for optimal audio recording. This feature adjusts the microphone’s sensitivity to ensure clear audio capture across different environments and situations. The AGC functionality makes it a versatile tool for various recording needs.

What models of DVR is the S-MIC-AGC compatible with?
The S-MIC-AGC is compatible with the LawMate PV-500 EVO2 and PV-500 EVO2U models. This compatibility ensures that users of these specific DVR models can utilize the microphone for enhanced audio recording. The microphone is designed to work seamlessly with these devices, providing clear and reliable audio capture.

24 Months Warranty

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