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Lawmate TM-120200/240200 transmitter module

Lawmate miniature transmitter module, only 21 X 24 X 7 mm with 100-200 m range. 

Attention: RF wireless transmitters from Lawmate are not for sale to customers inside EU (European Union). They do not comply with R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC). Purchases from inside EU will not be processed.

Uses phase locked loop which enables high stability of the working frequency regardless of the modules working temperature.Two versions of device available:
Out of Production!
- TD-120200 - 6 CH, 1200 MHz - out of production, not available. 
- TB-240200 - 8 CH, 2400 MHz - 4 pieces left. 

Power : 100 mW
Frequency : 1200Mhz or 2400Mhz
Dimensions : 21*24*7 mm 
Range : 100-200 meters

So small it can fit almost anywhere, comes with a bendable antenna that helps with body installation.
12 months warranty.
Price:   29,00 EUR
Available for pre-order
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