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LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable
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LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable.

The cable is for the connection between the PV-500EVO2 and PV-1000Touch5 DVRs, and the CMD-AMP HDMI Amplifier. 
If you need the cable for the connection from the amplifier to the cam, unfortunately, we have sold all stock. New cables are not being produced anymore, as this model has not been in production for many years now.
This cable is out of production, and we will have it in our offer till stock lasts.


Can I use this cable to connect the amplifier to the camera directly?
No, this cable is intended for the connection between specific DVRs and the HDMI amplifier, not directly from the amplifier to the camera. If you need a cable for connecting the amplifier to the camera, note that such cables are no longer in production and currently out of stock. For this purpose, you might need to look for alternative solutions or compatible cables that are still available on the market.

Can the LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable be used for live streaming purposes?
The primary function of this cable is to connect specific DVRs to an HDMI amplifier for high-quality video and audio playback and recording. While it facilitates signal transfer that could be part of a live streaming setup, its suitability for live streaming depends on the broader configuration and compatibility with streaming hardware and software. It’s essential to assess the entire setup’s compatibility for live streaming purposes.

How do I know if the LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable is right for my setup?
If you own the PV-500EVO2 or PV-1000Touch5 DVRs and need to connect them to the CMD-AMP HDMI Amplifier, this cable is designed for that specific purpose. It ensures a reliable connection between these devices, facilitating high-quality video and audio signal transfer. Before purchasing, verify that your devices match the specified models to ensure compatibility.

How long will the LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable be available for purchase?
The cable will be available for purchase until the current stock lasts, as it is out of production. Since new cables are not being produced anymore, once the existing stock is depleted, it will no longer be available for sale. Customers interested in purchasing the cable are advised to do so while supplies last to avoid disappointment.

Is the cable compatible with other devices besides the PV-500EVO2 and PV-1000Touch5 DVRs?
The cable is specifically designed for compatibility with the PV-500EVO2 and PV-1000Touch5 DVRs and the CMD-AMP HDMI Amplifier. While it uses standard HDMI connections, its compatibility with other devices has not been confirmed, and its optimal performance is with the specified LawMate devices. Users should verify compatibility with other devices on a case-by-case basis.

Is there any maintenance required to keep the LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable in good condition?
To maintain the cable in good condition, it should be handled carefully, avoiding sharp bends and keeping it away from extreme temperatures and moisture. Regularly inspecting the connectors for dust or corrosion and cleaning them gently with a dry cloth can also help maintain a good connection. Proper storage when not in use will further prolong the cable’s lifespan and performance.

What is the LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable used for?
The LawMate S-MINI HDMI DVR to AMP Cable is designed for connecting the PV-500EVO2 and PV-1000Touch5 DVRs to the CMD-AMP HDMI Amplifier. This cable facilitates the transfer of video and audio signals between the DVRs and the amplifier, ensuring high-quality playback and recording. It is specifically tailored to work seamlessly with these models, enhancing the functionality of your surveillance setup.

24 Months Warranty

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