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LawMate Repair Service

If your LawMate device has been physically damaged and/or the warranty is no longer valid, but you would like to continue using it anyway, we offer to repair it!

The repair cost depends on the damage itself and it needs to be confirmed by our team after the device has been thoroughly inspected. 
The prices may vary between 25 EUR and 150 EUR (ex VAT) for the most common repairs (broken DVR screens, broken on/off buttons, broken connectors, etc.) while the full list of the approximate repair costs is as follows: 

  • lens cleaning and refocusing - 25 EUR
  • camera repairs - up to 35 EUR
  • minor physical damage - up to 40 EUR
  • PV-500 Neo Pro broken display  - up to 100 EUR
  • PV-1000EVO3 broken display - up to 150 EUR
  • not responsive device - up to 45 EUR
  • no signal - up to 45 EUR
  • not readable SD card data - up to 45 EUR
  • motherboard change - up to 150 EUR
  • broken connector/ buttons - up to 30 EUR
  • device not charging - up to 30 EUR
  • USB connector change -  up to 30 EUR
  • camera cable change - up to 30 EUR
  • broken battery holder - up to 30 EUR
We charge a 30 EUR service fee for each repair for physically damaged and/or out-of-warranty devices.

To determine the exact price, please fill in the request form HERE and we will see what we can do to get your device working!
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