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Lawmate PV-500HDW Wi-Fi DVR

283,75 EUR  inc VAT
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PV-500 HDW comes as a part of the 2016th generation of Lawmate products, features Wi-Fi connection that allows remote monitoring and set-up while maintaining standard Lawmate ease of use and high-end specifications. 

Out of Production!
New and upgraded model the PV-500Neo Wi-Fi DVR is available here!

While PV-500HDW lacks LCD screen, that allows it to have a longer battery life of up to 240 min recording time with standard Lawmate BA-2200 battery or 480 min recording time with extended BA-4400 battery.

On the other side, any Android or iOS cellphone or tablet can be remotely used as an LCD screen for this device.

Together with the new BU-18HD ButtonBU-18HD ConeNT-18HD TieHB-18HD Handbag, and ER-18HD Headset cameras - the PV-500HDW delivers exceptional Full HD recording quality that is promptly monitored and controlled by a nearby Wi-Fi enabled Android / iOS device.

(Note: PC support is planned in the future as well).

PV-500HDW Main features:
  • You can easily connect it to any Wi-Fi enabled Android/iOS device
  • Monitor your video feed and setup device from your Android/iOS device
  • Record video and snapshot images from your Android/iOS device
  • Download video/image file to your Android/iOS device
  • Usual small Lawmate PV-500 size with compatible BA-2000 and BA-4400 batteries
  • Cannot turn on when SD card is removed (prevents battery loss)
  • Wired remote controller 
  • 240 minutes recording time
  • LED indicators to easy to recognise Charge, Power, Record and Wi-Fi on/off modes

PV-500HDW Full specifications:

Video Input: BU-18HD (2000 X 1121) CMOS Camera
Compression Algorithm: H.264, JPEG
File Format: MOV, JPG
Video Recording mode: Auto/Manual/Motion Detection
Recording Resolution:: 1080P/720P/WVGA
Frame Rate: Up to 30fps
Wi-Fi: Built-in Wi-Fi Module (IEEE
Memory type: Micro SD Card (up to 32GB SDHC)
Data interface: Mini USB 2.0
Date/Time Table: YYYY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS
Power Input: DC 5V
Power Consumption: 380mA-440mA
Battery Lifetime: 160min @ 1080P Resolution
Dimension: 85x54x21mm (With Battery)
Weight: 104g (With Battery)

>>In order to accurately judge the quality of the video please choose 1080P in your video player<<

PV-500 HDW Feature focus:

New Wi-Fi Technology

While PV-500 HDW can be operated just by using buttons on the recorder or with a standard wired remote controller that comes with the device the biggest feature update is Built-in Wi-Fi Module that allows the device to be remotely operated and monitored. 

Live feed on a tablet/cellphone LCD screen allows easy setup and monitoring unlike was previously possible. Wi-Fi technology in practice provides easier to set up and cheaper yet faster and more stable and persistent connection compared to 1.2 / 2.4 GHz RF TX/RX or 3G modules.

Easy to use 

In order to use the PV-500 HDW all, one needs to know is how to connect your cell phone to a Wi-Fi connection and how to use a cell phone app. 

Standard Lawmate exchangeable batteries and a new safety function that stops the device from turning on when the SD card is not inserted (to prevent accidental battery drainage) among other things make PV-500 HDW easy to use high-end Mini DVR... 

>>In order to accurately judge the quality of the video please choose 1080P in your video player<<

PV-CAM iOS and Android apps for Lawmate Wi-Fi recorders:

QR Codes

Google play link:

App Store link:

PV-500HDW Illustration from the manual

How start recording and start monitoring your video feed:

1.Connect the camera to the mini USB camera jack (fig 8. In illustration)
2.Long press the Power button to turn the device on
3.Press the record button if you wish to start/stop recording before connecting to Wi-Fi device (fig. 10)
4.Short press the power button to turn on Wi-Fi (fig. 9)
5.Connect your Android/iOS device to a Wi-Fi Network that starts with "PV-500 HDW.."
6.Use password "88888888"
7.Open your PV-CAM app and start monitoring your live feed
>>In order to accurately judge the quality of the video please choose 1080P in your video player.<<


PV-500HDW is currently compatible only with BU-18HD Button and BU-18HD Cone cameras.
Further camera support and new Wi-Fi DVR models are planned for future dates.
The PV-500HDW and BU-18HD Button camera are available as a Kit.
>>>PV-500HDW Stability Firmware 23/29/2016<<<

>>>25 FPS Firmware upgrade and App available 17/08/2016<<<

Feel free to download and consult with PV-500HDW Quick guide as well as PV-CAM app manual below

24 months warranty.

>>PV-CAM App Manual<<
>>PV-500HDW Quick Guide (PDF)<<
283,75 EUR  inc VAT
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