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Lawmate PV-500 EVO2U DVR

405,00 EUR  inc VAT
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Lawmate PV-500 EVO2U is the newest flagship Lawmate model, next model in the line of PV-500 Mini DVRs. 

Out of Production. New and upgraded models are in work, however ETA is still not determined. 
For now, you can take a look at our New Wi-Fi DVRs; the PV-500Neo and PV-500Neo Pro that have compatible Button and Cone cameras.

They are also available as a bundle:
If you need a DVR for an analog camera, we recommend the PV-500L4i IP DVR

Just like the previous model, PV-500 EVO2U is a top quality product in its price category. With its features, it will provide an actual edge compared to other similar products. Whether you desire high-quality recording, digital camera support or ease of use beyond what you have been used to, PV-500 EVO2U is most likely the right choice.

The biggest differences is the switch between HDMI and USB standards, after initial testing, we found that the USB cable advantage provides a faster connection with the camera, which includes less camera latency and visibly faster low light adjustment.

The new cable standards allow the camera to have u faster signal to the DVR, and that the low light adjustment is smoother. Also, the cables are a bit longer. 

All of before mentioned comes with very high level of configurability and ways to set-up:
  • Resolution support from low VGA to HD, adjustable FPS
  • Analog or digital camera support
  • Multiple recording modes including some not seen in other brands
  • Multiple ways to operate the PV-500 EVO2U include a touch screen, IR remote and wired controller (all part of standard accessories)
  • Records audio source from an integrated microphone or attached camera

New Lawmate PV-500 EVO2U features include:
  • New 3" highly responsive LCD touch screen
  • H.264 video compression support
  • 1080p recording
  • 2MP camera support

Basic specifications:

Resolution:  From 320*240 to 1920*1080 / adjustable 1 -25 FPS 
- Current LawMate cameras support up to 1280 x 960 video resolution. New 2MP camera in works, will utilize PV-500 EVO2U 1080P recording capacity.
- PAL signal up to 25 FPS, NTSC up to 30 FPS (auto - detect)
Display: 3" 960 X 240 Colour Touchscreen TFT LCD
Memory: SDHC (Supports up to 32 GB SDHC)
Battery Lifetime: 200 min.
Dimensions: 84 * 54 * 17 mm
Weight: 71g 

Feature focus

(NEW!) H.264 video compression support

New H.264 video compression provides better quality video recording compared to the model (PV-500 EVO) for the same video source.

The faster file creating is another benefit of the way new compression is integrated in the PV-500 EVO2U that allows less missed A/V material during multi-hour continuous recording sessions.

Several layers of security
PV-500 EVO2U records logs of all the functions used on the device. Power on password as well as USB connection password can also be set up with an easy to use the virtual on-screen keyboard to add another level of security.  

Each video recording includes a serial number of the device, exact time and date of recording and frame rate counter to make sure the recording cannot be tampered with.

Easy to remove and extend battery system

PV-500 EVO2U while only 22 mm deep, not bigger than a cigarette pack, is actually consisted of 15 mm of PV-500 EVO2U itself and another 7 mm of standard 200 min. 2200 mAH battery (BA-2200). The system allows quick and easy spare battery exchange system as well as the installation of extended longevity 400 min. 4400 mAH battery (BA-4400) in matter of seconds.

The new system is also more durable than the ones used in previous Lawmate recorder models (PV-500, PV-600, and PV-700) where power connectors were the weak spot of the system with a tendency to break down after certain number of battery removals.
PV-500EVO2U with BA-2200

Motion detect grid

Motion detection for video recording is no longer limited by a factor in the environment that is unstable and is not the purpose of our recordings.  PV-500 EVO2U firmware allows setting up motion detection grids that will allow you to exclude part of the environment that you do not want motion detection to be effected with.

Whether it be blinking commercial in the background or busy part of the scenery, none of that necessarily needs to trigger the start of your motion recording with a properly set motion detect grid.

PV-500 EVO2U motion detect grid

Innovating Pre-event and Pre-motion recording modes

PV-500 EVO2U same as every other recorder will offer standard recording mode with on-screen preview, time scheduled recording, as well as mentioned grid, supported motion detect mode.

On top of regular modes, PV-500 EVO2U offers innovating new modes:

Pre-event and Pre-motion modes will keep a configurable length buffer of your recording.

What does that mean?

In Pre-event mode, although action that you wanted to record has already happened you can start the recording function and the video of the event that has already passed will be saved. When things happen fast and the reaction is sometimes not quick enough that is where Pre-event mode really shines.

Pre-motion mode works much in the same way and will record events that happened before the motion detect is triggered. It is especially useful in low light sceneries where visual motion detects more often then not triggers a second or two late.

On-screen zoom function

High-resolution recording with a camera such as 800 TV Line CMD-BU13LXU can record things that might not as easy to see on a screen of a relatively small-sized device such as PV-500 EVO2U. There is no worry tough as on-screen zoom function is available with a touch on the screen to make sure you are recording the intended scenery.

**PV-500 EVO2 illustration (Name and Parts from the quick manual)

PV-500 EVO2U Illustration

While PV-500 EVO2U offers many options for configuring your recordings and functionality for the advanced user, it Is also very easy to start for a person that just wants a basic plug and play and record function.

Easy 3 step process to start recording straight from the box:

  1. Connect the camera to 2.5 mm jack for the analogue camera (figure 4. at the above illustration) or to USB-in jack for digital camera (figure 5. at the illustration - the place stayed the same, just the port changed to USB)
  2. Turn the device on by pressing the power button (figure 1.)
  3. Push the record / stop switch at the top of the DVR to the left (figure 15.)


For more detailed specifications please refer to the PDF files below.
24 months warranty.

PV-500EVO2U Quick guide (PDF)
405,00 EUR  inc VAT
End of line
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