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Lawmate GPS-DLG10 GPS Data Logger

The Lawmate GPS-DLG10 GPS Data Logger is a water resistant, passive data logging GPS that can be placed under a vehicle.  

It is small sized, records the speed and height of routes the vehicle is taking, and comes with a software that offers multiple information display options - from speed and elevation charts to tracking options. 
The GPS Logger comes with a 8 GB SD card, and supports up to 8 GB cards, which allows a large amount of data to be stored. It has a built-in battery with 20 hours of recording capacity and uses Google earth mapping.  
The software is easy to install and intuitive to operate. The files can be exported to .CSV or .KML. 
It can not be detected with GPS scanners. 

GPS-DLG10 Main Features:

  • Magnetic - water resistant holder/mount for vehicles
  • Small sized - credit card size
  • Records speed and height of the routes
  • Comes with an 8 GB SD Card
  • Supports up to 8 GB SD Cards - stores a large amount of data
  • Built-in Battery - 20 hours battery lifetime
  • Speed dependable and a dynamic logging frequency
  • Simple to operate and view files via PC
  • Export to .CSV or .KML option

GPS-DLG10 Specificatons:

Item Number: GPS-DLG10
Charging Current: 400mA
Operation Current: 1mA ~40mA
Tracking Sensitivity: -165 dBm
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 60°C
Battery Lifetime: 20 hours
Storage Capacity: Supports up to 8G memory card

Feature Focus of the GPS Logger:

The logger software provides you with a variety of map options, that way your work is coordinated with your optimal viewing and operating options:

  • Standard map and satellite map exchange
  • Zoom in & Zoom Out function
  • Quick View Zones for your data 
  • Chart - Open/Close speed and Elevation chart
  • Trace - Open/Close the trace line
  • Speed nt exchange: mph or km/h
  • MSL meter
  • Data point speed
  • ODO: Total odometer
  • Trip - Distance between two data points
  • Additional options regarding map and trip navigation
>>>Example of Data point information zone from User Manual<<<
>>>Example of Tracing line option from User Manual<<<
>>>Example of Viewing Options from User Manual<<<


For detailed instructions regarding the usage and setup of the GPS Logger, please carefully follow the User Manual below. 
24 Months Warranty
 >>>Firmware Upgrade<<<
>>>GPS-DLG10 GPS Data Logger User Manual<<<

Price:   165,00 EUR
Available on stock
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