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Lawmate GE-40S Global Ear

The Lawmate GE-40S Global Ear Discreet Audio Monitoring Device with unlimited range is a remote audio surveillance device that works wherever the GSM network is available. 

The voice active recording (VOX) enables the battery to last longer as it activates itself only when needed.
Furthermore, it has a build in safety switch - if someone finds it and opens the device it will automatically erase all data including call logs and history.

Lawmate Global Ear Main Features:

  • Operational wherever the GSM network is available
  • Voice Operated Switch (VOX)- turns itself automatically on when a sound is detected and surpasses a certain threshold
  • Integrated high sensitivity microphone
  • Defensive mode - if the back cover of the device is removed while it is recording, all data will be erased

GE-40S Product Specifications:

Item Number: GE-40S     
Transmit Distance: Unlimited
Microphone Range: 5 ~ 7 m (in Radius), 4 levels 
GSM Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
Battery Type: 800 mA / 3.7V Li-ion battery
Sensitivity: ±10K
Power Consumption: 10 ~ 200 mA
Charge Current: 500 mA
Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C
Battery Lifetime(Standby): 72 hours
Battery Lifetime(Talk): 3 hours
Network Activation:  SIM card
Dimensions: 80x52x18mm
Weight: 45g

How to use the GE-40?

  1. Open back lid from the device and insert the SIM Card and Battery
  2. Call the number of the SIM Card
  3. When connected you will hear a beep - press *# to enable the devices microphone 
  4. You can optionally set up call back number and master number


For additional information regarding the Lawmte GE-40S please consult the files offered for download below.

12 months warranty.

>>GE-40S Quick guide (PDF)<<
Price:   249,00 EUR
Available on stock
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