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LawMate CMD-AMP USB Amplifier
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Lawmate CMD-AMP Amplifier 

Compatible with S-MINI USB Cables for the CMD-BU20U and CMD-BU13LXU cameras, and for the PV-500EVO2U as well as PV-1000Touch5U DVRs.


LawMate CMD-AMP USB Amplifier FAQs

Can I use the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier with non-LawMate products?
The CMD-AMP USB Amplifier is specifically designed for use with certain LawMate cameras and DVRs, and its compatibility with non-LawMate products is not guaranteed. While it is engineered for optimal performance with specific LawMate models, using it with other brands or products may not yield the intended results. Users are advised to adhere to the recommended compatibility to ensure the best performance.

Can the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier be used with the CMD-BU13LXU camera?
Yes, the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier is compatible with the CMD-BU13LXU camera, as well as other specified LawMate devices. This compatibility allows users of the CMD-BU13LXU camera to enhance their device’s performance by utilizing the amplifier. It is an ideal accessory for users looking to maximize the potential of their CMD-BU13LXU camera.

How do I connect the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier to my device?

Connection instructions are specific to the device you are pairing the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier with, typically involving plugging the amplifier into the compatible USB port of your LawMate camera or DVR. For detailed steps, users should refer to their device’s user manual or the LawMate website for guidance. Proper connection ensures the amplifier functions as intended, enhancing your device’s capabilities.

How does the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier enhance my LawMate equipment?
By connecting the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier to your LawMate cameras and DVRs, you can expect improved performance and capabilities. This amplifier is engineered to work with specific models, enhancing the overall efficiency and functionality of your surveillance setup. It is an essential accessory for professionals requiring the utmost in quality and reliability from their equipment.

Is the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier compatible with all LawMate products?
No, the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier is specifically designed for compatibility with S-MINI USB Cables for CMD-BU20U and CMD-BU13LXU cameras, and PV-500EVO2U and PV-1000Touch5U DVRs. It is not universally compatible with all LawMate products. Users should check their device compatibility before purchasing to ensure it meets their needs.

What improvements can I expect by using the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier?
Users can expect enhanced performance and capabilities from their LawMate cameras and DVRs when using the CMD-AMP USB Amplifier. While specific improvements depend on the device it’s paired with, generally, the amplifier is designed to optimize the functionality and efficiency of your surveillance equipment. This can include better signal transmission, improved power management, or other performance enhancements.

What is the LawMate CMD-AMP USB Amplifier?
The LawMate CMD-AMP USB Amplifier is a device compatible with specific LawMate USB cables and DVRs to enhance their functionality. It is designed to work seamlessly with the S-MINI USB Cables for CMD-BU20U and CMD-BU13LXU cameras, as well as PV-500EVO2U and PV-1000Touch5U DVRs. This compatibility ensures users can maximize the potential of their LawMate surveillance equipment.

What is the return policy for the LawMate CMD-AMP USB Amplifier?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the date of delivery for a full refund less money transfer expense, and delivery charge. It is your responsibility to return any such items in a saleable condition in their original box and packaging. Goods received back incomplete, damaged, or in any condition other than saleable, will be returned to you at your cost. Prior to returning any products, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Together with the returned product, it is necessary to provide the original invoice.

24 months warranty


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