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LawMate Cables Standard Changes

Dear Customers, Partners and Visitors of SpyShopEurope.com

Update - 25.11.2015.

We are happy to announce that the cable standard changes went smoothly. 
So far the transition went without problems, and we were able to supply everyone who needed HDMI cables with them. 
We have a few more cables on stock. 

We have a very important announcement regarding the PV-500 EVO2 & PV-1000 Touch5 DVRs, as well as the CMD-BU13LXU & CMD-BU20U cameras. 
LawMate will no longer be manufacturing HDMI versions of the above mentioned cameras and DVRs.

Instead, a USB solution will be used.

The reason why LawMate had to change from HDMI to USB was that the HDMI association no longer allows the usage of the HDMI port as a controlling port for the cameras only.The HDMI port had to be removed, and the USB port will be used for the camera cables instead. 

<<New USB port for the cameras and DVR's>>
-click on image for full screen view-

What does this mean exactly?

For our new customers, you do not have to worry. 

The USB port will not affect the video resolution or any other camera or DVR feature. CMD-BU13LXU is still 720p with low lux and CMD-BU20U is always 1080p. DVRs functions stay the same.

For our customers that already own a DVR or camera;

We are so very sorry for the complication. We understand your position perfectly, and will make everything in our power to make the transition easier for you. 

We already checked if perhaps a cable could be made to serve as a bridge between the two ports, but unfortunately such a solution can not be implemented.

What we can do and what we are doing is informing you in advance of this unexpected and important changes, and trying to keep as many as possible outdated devices on stock. That way you still have time to purchase cameras or DVRs that are still compatible with your current setup.

We will keep posting updates on this matter, and inform our customers and partners via email. 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explain anything that might still be unclear.

Best Regards, 

SpyShopEurope.com Team.

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