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Infrared contactless thermometer (Covid-19)
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Infrared contactless forehead thermometer with high-speed measurement and high accuracy.

The thermometer scans 1000 times per second and operates with high accuracy (+/- 0.2 C). 
It is easy to use and allows contactless measurements for the body as well as objects. The contactless and fast measurement allows it to be used in facilities like schools, universities, etc. 
The large LCD screen shows the results clearly, and an alarm will go off if the temperature is high. The device works by calculating and absorbing the weak infrared rays emitted by the human body. The device itself does not emit any IR rays and is perfectly safe to use. 
Suitable for everyday use, as well as for security measures during this Covid-19 situation.

Thermometer Specifications:

Measurement: non-contact
Measuring range (body mode): 32 - 42.9 C (89.6 - 109.2 F)
Measuring range (object mode): 0 - 100 C (32 - 212 F)
Body mode within: +/- 0.2C/0.4F
Object mode within: +/- 1 C/1.8F
Display resolution: 0.1C/F
Requirements of environment: 16-35 C (60.8 - 95 F) RH Storage environment requirements: -20C - 55 C (-4 F - 131 F) Rh -/< 90% (non condensing)
Shutdown time: Automatic shut down without any operation within 30 seconds
Voltage: DC 3V
Power: 2 AAA batteries, not included
Consumed power: Off state < 6uW
When the machine is turned on and measured <45mW
Net weight: 99g, with package 174 g
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Package contents:

  • Infrared contactless thermometer
  • User Manual

How to use:

  1. Press the power button to power on the device
  2. Select measurement mode: person (body) or object
  3. Keep the distance approx. 3-5 cm from the person or object
  4. Press the measurement button
  5. You will hear a tone when the measurement is done

Infrared contactless thermometer (Covid-19) FAQs

Can the infrared contactless thermometer be used to measure the temperature of objects as well as people?
Yes, the infrared contactless thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of both objects and people. By selecting the appropriate measurement mode, users can easily switch between person (body) and object measurements. This feature enhances the versatility of the device, making it suitable for various applications beyond just measuring body temperature.

How do I use the infrared contactless thermometer?
To use the infrared contactless thermometer, power on the device, select the measurement mode (person or object), maintain a distance of approximately 3-5 cm from the target, and press the measurement button. A tone will indicate the completion of the measurement. This simple operation makes it user-friendly and efficient for quick temperature checks.

How does the infrared contactless thermometer work?
The infrared contactless thermometer calculates and absorbs the weak infrared rays emitted by the human body to measure temperature. It scans 1000 times per second to ensure high accuracy and speed. This method allows for a non-invasive and quick way to check temperatures, making it ideal for public or high-traffic settings.

How far should the infrared contactless thermometer be from the subject for accurate measurement?
The recommended distance for accurate measurement with the infrared contactless thermometer is approximately 3-5 cm from the person or object. Maintaining this distance ensures the device can accurately detect and measure the infrared rays emitted, providing reliable temperature readings.

Is the infrared contactless thermometer safe to use?
Yes, the infrared contactless thermometer is safe to use as it does not emit any infrared rays but only detects the IR rays emitted by the human body. Its operation is based on passive infrared technology, which is harmless. The device has also been certified with CE, FCC, and PC E certificates, ensuring its safety and compliance with health standards.

What does the package of the infrared contactless thermometer include?
The package includes the infrared contactless thermometer itself and a user manual. These components provide everything needed to start using the device right away, with the manual offering guidance on operation, features, and safety precautions.

What features does the infrared contactless thermometer have?

The infrared contactless thermometer features high-speed measurement, high accuracy, a large LCD screen for clear result display, and an alarm for high temperatures. It is designed for contactless use, enhancing hygiene and safety. These features make it highly effective for monitoring health, especially in the context of Covid-19.

What happens if the measured temperature is high?
If the measured temperature is high, an alarm will sound from the infrared contactless thermometer. This feature is designed to alert users immediately to potential fevers or high temperatures, which is particularly useful in screening for symptoms of illness, including Covid-19, in a non-invasive manner.

What is the accuracy of the infrared contactless thermometer?
The infrared contactless thermometer operates with high accuracy, having a margin of error of +/- 0.2 C. This high level of precision is achieved through its advanced scanning technology, which scans 1000 times per second. Such accuracy is crucial for reliable temperature readings, especially in a medical or health context.


The device comes with CE, FCC, and PC E certificates. 
Warranty: 24 months
>>Download detailed specifications (PDF)<<

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