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GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch
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The GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch manages remote alarm sensors and communicates with the user via a GSM network standard mobile telephone.

This device is a security center, from which you are able to communicate with the linked device. With the Power Switch itself, the communication can be done via Remote control, SMS commands, phone calls, android / iOS application, and web applications.  
It is plugged in the power outlet and can operate on a  90-250 V, but also comes with a separate CR123A 3 V battery in case of a power blackout. When on battery power, you can not use remote line load functions, but it allows protective security functions. 
Not only has the Power Switch a separate battery, but all the devices that come with it have high-quality batteries, making them independent and reliable. 

It is an exceptional product in itself - but combined with the Motion Detector MD101, the Door/Window Sensor Switch, and Keychain Remote Control that come with the device - it makes a wireless security system that has many advantages:

  • The esthetics will fit in almost any home/office design
  • It can be easily placed in hard to reach locations, at places where a cable system would not be possible to set up
  • Additional components are easily added - like the siren, door/window sensor or additional keychains (up to 6)
  • Should you live in a rented place or decide to move, you can always take your alarm system with you
  • It requires no additional phone lines
Furthermore, the Motion Detector is a passive infrared radio channel motion detector, based on the recognition of temperature changes that come from a person who enters the restricted or protected zone. All that is monitored by the lens on a pyroelectric detector. 
The Door/Window Sensor lets you know if someone opened a door or window. It has a built-in magnetic sensor switch as well as a Temper sensor (if someone tries to disable it) and communicates via a radio channel with the GSM power switch.
Every piece of the equipment can communicate with the user in multiple ways. If the primary mobile phone or any other programmed mobile phone is not available, you can send commands from other devices using passwords. 
Diagram of the GSM Power Switch from User Manual

Main features of the GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch:

  • The power switch can switch a line load on/off if it does not exceed 16A, it operates on 90-250 V and 50-60 Hz current
  • Transmits the status of the device to the registered mobile phone number(s) including add-ons
  • You can control the network power management via SMS notifications or via the Remote Control
  • Supports light and status indicators (Alarm)
  • Can be connected up to 6 Keychain Remote Controls
  • The Keychain RC can be set up to work as a "Panic Button"
  • Has a separate CR123A 3 V battery that serves as power back-up in case of main power failure, thereby it maintains security protection functions
  • The settings can be changed in multiple ways: via mobile phone, via online service or Android/iOS applications (links are provided below) 
  • Can be set up to provide manual or automatic SIM card remaining balance inquiries

Detection Zone Description from User Manual

GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch Set Full Specifications:

Power Switch

Device power supply: 90-250 V 50/60 Hz
Line load switching capacity: 110-220 V 50/60 Hz not to exceed 16 A
Switching power: 3.5 kW
Maximum operating distance for the Keychain Remote Control: 50 m
Maximum operating distance for the wireless siren: 100 m
Maximum operating distance for the sensors: 100 m
GSM module operating standards: GSM-850/900/1800/1900
Maximum quantity of registered Mobile Phones for notification: 6
Maximum quantity of registered Keychain Remote Controls: 6
Maximum quantity of registered Security Sensors: 6
Maximum quantity of wireless sirens: 1
Average delivery time required to send an Alarm notification to the subscriber’s Mobile Phone: 20-40 seconds
Type of back-up battery for the GSM Power Switch: CR2032 3V Lithium battery
Type of battery for the Keychain Remote: CR2032 3V Lithium battery
Control- Temperature operating range Relative air humidity without Vapor condensation, not to exceed: 93%
Overall dimensions; do not exceed 67*80*160 mm
Weight: max. 0.3 kg

Motion Detector MD101

Detection distance at normal sensitivity: fr 0 - 10m
Detection distance at reduced sensitivity ("sensitivity” jumper closed): fr 0 - 8m
Movement speed range of the violator: fr 0.3 to 3m/s
Type of power source: CR123A (3V lithium)
Battery operating span, not less than: 3 years
Radio signal frequency spectrum: fr 433.05 to 434.79 MHz
Radio signal operating range; "line of sight”: 100m
Max. transmitter power: 5 mW
Interval at which "Heartbeat” control signal transmits: hourly
Operating temperature range: fr -10 to +50 °C
Dimensions: 90*58*45 mm
Weight: max. 0.1 kg
Service operating life: min. 10 years

Door/Window Sensor Switch

Distance (Between sensor & magnet) at which an "Alarm” signal is generated: 12mm & greater
Distance at which "Normal” mode is restored: 10mm & less
Maximum length of an external wired loop: 10m
Impedance of the external wired loop resistor: 7.5 kOhm
Type of power source: CR123A (3V lithium)
Battery operating span: min. 3 years
Radio signal frequency spectrum: fr 433.05 to 434.79 MHz
Radio signal operating range; "line of sight”: 100m
Maximum transmitter power: 5 mW
Interval at which "Heartbeat” control Signal transmits: hourly
Operating temperature range: fr -10 to +50 °C
Dimensions: 109*32*27,5 mm
Dimensions of magnet: 56,5*18*15,7 mm
Weight of the Sensor Switch: 60 g
Weight of the Magnet: 10 g
Options for locating and deploying Sensor Switches from User Manual
Example of Sensor Setup

GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch Feature Focus:

Controlling the commands from a Mobile Phone

The GSM Power Switch can support SMS commands from a mobile phone when it is plugged in an AC power source. 
It also sends a confirmation SMS to the primary registered phone number, but a reply to a balance inquiry will only be sent to the phone from which the command has been made. What that means is that you can send SMS commands from a non-registered phone to the Power Switch, but you will have to add a password. 
The exact procedures of programming the above described can be found in the user manual charts below. 
Example of SMS Notifications from User Manual

Turning the Line Load On/Off via SMS or Keychain

The line load of the Power Switch can be turned on or off via the Remote Control or SMS command. To do that it has to be plugged in in an AC main power source. 
It is simple to use, regardless of the method. For the keychain, it is the button "F", and the light diodes indicate the status - orange/green - on/off. Via SMS you simply send the command and wait for the confirmation message. 
Example of remote control

Panic Button - the Keychain Remote Control can be setup to work as a Panic button device

Default functions of the Keychain Remote Control:
  • Button "A" - Arms the device;
  • Button "B" - Disarms the device;
  • Button "F" - Turns the device voltage line load On/Off.
The Keychain Remote Controls can be registered to the device, by default it is set up to a value of 0.
In order to convert the "A" button to a Panic button an SMS message is sent.
The result will be the following setup of the Keychain RC:
  • Button "A" - "Panic" button
  • Button "B" - Arms/Disarms the device
  • Button "F" - Turns the device voltage line load On/Off.

Useful Links:

Apple App Configurator
Android App Configurator

GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch Package Contents:

  • GSM Power Socket
  • Keychain Remote Control BN-3S
  • Motion Detector MD 101
  • Door/Window Sensor Switch DWS102
  • User Manual


For detailed instructions on how to set up the devices, add mobile phone numbers, make adjustments and configurations, please study the PDF manual below. 
The manufacturer has provided a list of safety instructions on the first page of the Operating Manual, so that your device can have many years of operation, and that your warranty applies. We highly recommend for you to read, and implement them in the handling of the device.
24 months warranty.
>>GSM Alarm Smart Power Switch User Manual (PDF)<<

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