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25fps Firmware Upgrade for PV-500HDW

The 25FPS firmware upgrade for Wi-Fi products is now finally available for the PV-500HDW Wi-Fi DVR. 

You have to download the New specially desginted PV Cam Wi-Fi App for that purpose, as the PV Cam Viewer App supports only 30FPS. The new PV CAM WiFi works with both 25 and 30 FPS.

Download the App for your Android/iOS Smartphone here:

Google Play Link

Apple Store Link

The firmware upgrade procedure:

  1. Save the FWDP100.bin in the Micro SD Card
  2. Insert the SD card back into the PV-500HDW
  3. Press on the Power button, you will see the blue LED blinking slowly, fast and finally turning off. Once the LED is off, you have upgraded the firmware successfully.

Note: Please remember to delete the firmware file from the SD card, once you finish the upgrading procedure.

>>>Download Firmware<<<

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New Wi-Fi DVRs on Stock!
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